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Oddities VI - Yarn bombing

“Yarn bombing” ; something I learned about today as I spotted these lamp posts dressed in knitting – I like it and I really appreciated the photographic value . 18 more words



This Thursday, I visited the FA2 building after class to take a look at the fiber art projects. They were really cool! The pieces that I expected from the word “kitting” was something “grandma-ish”, seeing all these exotic and colorful pieces was unexpected and awesome! 539 more words



For this week’s assignment, we were to “yarn bomb” either at home or somewhere on campus. Well, for me, I had never yarn bombed before. All I knew was that it was similar to graffiti bombing. 304 more words


Week 6 Activity : Yarn Bombing

As a fashion merchandising major (and currently in a textile class for that matter), you’d think I would know a ridiculous amount about fibers. But sadly, I know almost nothing about them or how to manipulate them into actual things. 1,259 more words

Art 110

Cuppa Love: The joy of small knits

Sometimes it’s awfully nice to sit down and work on a project to completion-and it only take a couple hours. Often times we feel we need to knit something that will keep our own or someone else’s ears, toes or hands warm, inanimate objects be damned! 46 more words


Guest Blog for Creative Nottingham: The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing

I’m at the top of the Nottingham Wheel in a gently swaying gondola. It’s drizzling outside, my Creative Quarter colleagues are happily immersed in a life drawing class and I peer through the gap in the gondola’s windows. 818 more words

Creative Nottingham

Yarn Bombing

What about changing the way people look at their world?

Yarn Bombing is a kind of Guerilla Art (or Street Art) that takes knitting & crocheting into the city! 49 more words

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