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Speckled yarn - what is that? Should I do some?

After watching an episode of Susan B Andersons podcast the other day where she showed a skein of speckled yarn I got to do a little research. 505 more words


Dyeing yarn in the microwave


Dyeing yarn in the microwave

I learned a new method for dyeing yarn from the book Värjää itse langat ja kuidut (Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece) by Gail Callahan (translated into Finnish by Tuulia Salmela).

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Make It

1st Changes.

Yep it’s yarn dying time again…05/12/15

I am still learning the perfect combination of water and paint but I’ll get there!! This soothes my soul!

Love & Grace.


Auction Day!

Today is the first day of OMG’s Second Annual Online Auction – Spring Cleaning 2015. Click here to join in the fun! I have close to 70 auction items ranging from finished knit and crochet items to dyed fiber and yarn. 280 more words


Dyeing Yarn

We had a great time in knitting class!

Just wait until you see how it all turned out! 55 more words

Adventures in Yarn Dying

I loved dying stuff with Dylan fabric dyes when I was younger. I remember washing up bowls and buckets full of dye, elastic bands and dad’s old t-shirts; Rubber cloves and bamboo sticks from the garden shed used to stir the blue / green / purple liquids which would soon magically transform our boring clothes into, well, something a little bit more ‘interesting’. 583 more words

Like mother like daughter

Hi there, as we all know sharing something we love with those we love is a great pleasure. Sharing with people we just met who appreciate our work and share the same passion is also wonderful. 237 more words