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Tea Dyeing Experiment

Yesterday, I tried my hand at yarn dyeing – considering this was my first effort, I’m actually quite happy with the result. It all started, as so many things seem to do these days, with me watching a gazillion YouTube videos. 422 more words

Waste Yarn

Yarn Dyeing With Acid Dyes

Recently I decided that I needed to learn yet another skill (because apparently I needed more hobbies in my life), and signed up for a yarn dyeing class at my local yarn shop. 873 more words

What I'm Making

Adventures in Yarn Dyeing

Late one night when I couldn’t sleep, I decided to browse WordPress and read different crafting blogs. I love to read what other people are doing, though it does nothing to help me go to sleep. 954 more words


My first acid dyeing experience

I’ve wanted to try acid dyeing for a long time.. Being the great pre-planner that I am, I bought all the books, read them, imagined myself going through the motions and… froze in panic. 891 more words

Fibre Related

More dyeing

Hi there, if you have been reading my blog lately you will know that these days I’m doing lots of experiments with my dyeing and this weekend I did some gradient dyeing. 832 more words


New dyeing techniques

Hi there, recently I’ve been feeling inspired to learn new dyeing techniques to maybe increase my repertoire and be able to dye a broader range of colors. 698 more words


Speckled yarn - what is that? Should I do some?

After watching an episode of Susan B Andersons podcast the other day where she showed a skein of speckled yarn I got to do a little research. 505 more words