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Adventures in Yarn Dyeing

I mentioned last week that I was taking a yarn dyeing workshop at the Neighborhood Fiber Co’s shop in Baltimore over the weekend so I thought I’d share what I made in class. 491 more words


Yarn Dyeing Adventures

I accidentally went a really long time without posting anything. Oops.

I’ve been wanting to try dyeing my own yarn for a really long time, and I finally decided to take the dive last week and get the supplies. 332 more words


Stitching Status: The Laundry List

So I’ve got a laundry list of things I want to do, things I should do and things I’m just not motivated to do. These are lists in life and in knitting (I’m talking about you, homework I assigned but am too tired to grade). 495 more words


Yarn dyeing take two

Hello everyone,

We are having some cold, windy days at the moment. It is times like this I am glad that I can wrap myself and my loved ones up in wool! 429 more words


We knit, therefore, we're awesome!

There are tonnes of articles these days about how knitting is ‘not just for Grandmas’, but it always gets me wondering if the writer actually knows anything about the past time. 336 more words


I like to paint and color things.

I had a white house once.  For a short time.  Had to paint it.  Had some white towels.  Oopsie, now they’re blueish.  Had some gray hair once…wait a minute.  643 more words

Project Ideas

Color Trends 2016

From year to year color trends change. But who decides which colors will be popular? The answer to that question is Pantone, a company based in New Jersey. 173 more words

Yarn Dyeing