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Stoned Yarn Bomb in Minocqua

Tagged this large stone in Minocqua, Wisconsin with some zig zag crochet.

Yarn Graffiti

Tagged Janet's Yarns

Left this out in front of Janet’s Yarns in March.

Yarn Graffiti

Tagged Janet's

Tagged Janet’s with the swatch from an afghan I made for a coworker’s new baby.

Yarn Graffiti

Park Worm

I went down to the park with a red and white striped piece I made from some acrylic leftovers. Sewed it on a tree. Sent photo to a friend. 78 more words

Yarn Graffiti

Begone, before someone drops a house on you too...

A little witch has gotten stuck in a rabbit hole under this porch.

Yarn Graffiti

Women's Day Off

On the 24th of October 1975, 30.000 Icelandic women took the day off to demand equal pay. This year, women are walking out of their jobs at 14.38 (2.38 pm). 134 more words