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Finished Object: Nymandus Draculea Hat

I finished my Nymandus Draculea hat! I started this hat almost four years ago to practice cabling. I also remembered why I stopped working on this hat. 278 more words


Another One Bites the Dust

I popped open my email the other day to a sad note. One of my favorite local(ish) yarn stores was closing after 12 years. Yarns Sold and Told… 331 more words


Buttons Braids and Edgings

I have been a bit lax of late with my International Diploma in Crochet work! So many other projects on the go and so little time.   520 more words

Yarn Stash

My yarn stash is much smaller than I thought it was, which is a nice surprise.

This is all I have. It really only amounts to two skeins of different light blues, a skein of multi-toned purple, a skein of pink baby yarn and small balls of other assorted colors (mostly white). 111 more words


Stash diving...

I have a lot of yarn (yes, yes; I’m sure you’re all shocked, move on), but there always seems to be a problem.

I can always find something that will work for a particular pattern, but sometimes, I need a very specific colour or style, and when that happens? 39 more words

Yarn Raids & Beanie Maddness

Just typing that title makes me think if Vikings raiding a village. Only without the awesome longboats, swords and axes, screaming terror of the villagers, or pretty fire. 701 more words



Finally, my rampage of blogging today comes to an end with a gorgeous haul from Fruitbat Textiles.

Now, if you don’t know already, Fruitbat Textiles is manned by the gorgeously talented Charlotte Martin (Char Mar) – She’s an award-winning weaver, dyer and yarn stasher. 359 more words

Yarn Stash