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It goes like this: I design something, I make it (or several versions of it), I photograph it and edit the photos and, finally, I put it in… 370 more words

Basket and flowers

Happy Monday lovely readers!

This week is going to be pretty short! I had work today but tomorrow is Australia Day so we’re having the day off :) our plan is to go for a lovely walk along the creek in our suburb. 169 more words


Making Strides - Coming to Terms with My Stash

My latest project..
Step 1 – Yarn, Check
Step 2 – Ball Winder, Check check
Step 3 – Tackle the yarn stash…Work in progress. *One skein at a time while watching the Hallmark Channel* 81 more words


Today I'm making... 1970's beret

I fancied making a new beret but wanted something that looks more like a classic beret than the 1960’s version I usually make. I knew I had a few beret patterns in my huge vintage pattern archive but I’m not really in the mood to take on fairisle or cable. 219 more words


Knitting: How to stash my yarn?

I’m at Road2CA today but wanted to ask any knitters about how to stash my yarn.  I’m pretty new to knitting so my yarn stash isn’t that large.   293 more words


Stash Less: Yarn Guilt

A big part of Stash Less for me is realizing why I have such a big yarn stash in the first place. While I was thinking about it, I realized that part of why I never used any of the yarn I have was because I felt guilty about it. 979 more words

Yarn Stash

Foxy Lady

I really enjoy trying out new ideas, and sometimes it’s just as fun to re-work a popular design.  These ankle boot cuffs are a new take on our foxes boot toppers from last year. 206 more words