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Yarn Balls

Sort of sounds like a curse doesn’t it? “OH, Yarn balls!” Well, it can be if you don’t have a yarn winder of some sort. And I’ll be honest, there are a few that may make that REALLY a curse! 1,287 more words


Yarn Winder

Yarn Winder
made in Australia, 1960s

This yarn winder- new in box- was manufactured by Silver, and made in the 60s. It comes with a table-fixing clamp, and yarn guide and the original operating instructions. 85 more words


Taming beasts with a cardboard sword

The trouble with having tons of yarn is that it’s continually ending up in plastic bags as a garbled mess that slowly tangles over time and times schlepped about. 150 more words

Yarn winder step five

As I said in the last post, we’re inching toward a working machine. The photo below shows the machine assembled completely. From left to right across the photo: the yarn feeder arm and wire feed assembly, then the spindle on the 12P gear, then the central wheel, then the crank wheel. 242 more words

Art And Design

Yarn-cake winder: step two

All of the parts to the yarn-cake winder need to be trimmed. I started with the 1/2″ thick parts. Today I need to finish those, and start on cutting out the 1/4″ parts. 73 more words

Art And Design

Is there such thing as too much yarn?

Happy Monday, yarn enthusiasts!

Over the weekend I have been reorganising my stash, and for good reason! I finally got hold of a yarn winder :) I’ve only had it for 2 days but it’s already made such a difference. 104 more words