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And the Answer Is...

The guesses about yesterday’s photo were very close. It was, indeed, yarn on a bobbin.

Specifically, it was hand-spun yarn (using a spinning wheel) that was waiting to be plied.


Spinning Color

In many things I learn more when things don’t go well.  This is the case with my latest spinning project.  A little background first:  I’ve frequently spun mud-colored yarns from multi-colored roving.  279 more words

week 238

I actually am a bit proud of myself for almost finishing two projects this weekend. Will get to why only one, and not both are done. 444 more words


تصنيع خيوط الكشمير

شركة اسكتلندية نشأت عام ١٨٦٧م تقوم بتصنيع خيوط الكشمير الخالصة ١٠٠٪ و كذلك خيوط الكشمير المخلوطة بمواد خام طبيعية كالقطن و الحري و الكتان.

في هذا الفيديو نبذة عن الشركة و جولة سريعة في المصنع.


Revved Up Over Rewind

I feel like I’ve been into all sorts of new yarns recently. New companies, embracing new colors, and breaking out of my little niche of hand-dyed fingering weight merino. 453 more words


Purple Paws

Do you ever see a design or pattern and instantly know who it is perfect for? Last year I came across the Meandering Paws patterns by… 574 more words


Plodding along

I have been trying to make more interesting things then just blankets and specifically trying to knit different things. So i found a new pattern for a sweater. 44 more words