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Crocheting with Beads

My new crocheting craze. I made a necklace. Do you think you’d wear one? More to come soon.

At Home Mom


My newest Dark Yarn Production.

This one is light.

Sometimes there is too much dark.

My hands yearned to craft the possible.

A warmth made for hope, for love… 51 more words


Headband or Ear Warmer?

What do you call that thing that wraps around your ears and head but doesn’t cover everything…

I call it a ear warmer but I am sure there are many other names. 163 more words


Stitchin' Saturday #1

The idea for today’s post comes from Blinking Cat, who let me borrow her idea for Stitchin’ Saturday. I meant to post on this theme a couple of weeks ago, but life got in the way. 573 more words


I Bought a Pattern

It’s only mid-February and it appears that spring has arrived here in Wetumpka, Alabama. I went on a walk with the boys and I looked up (a practice I encourage everyone to do from time to time) and saw the tulip trees (Japanese Magnolias?) were in full bloom. 411 more words



GUYS! Honestly so excited now! Why? Look!

Isnt this the greatest thing ever. An easy start tag! Maybe I am behind and you all already know about this but I was so excited to see it when it arrived in the post that I had to share this with you all immediately! 16 more words


[Song/Blog] How Deep Is Your Love / Update 17/2/2018

Aww! That look on Gary’s face when she’s threatening to let him go…

Video Link #takethat

Creativity has been annoyingly off, so I’m currently looming a plush cowl with super bulky yarn in medium blue (pretty much the same colour as the background in the image above, funnily enough). 8 more words