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A stroll on the Strelka

Last Saturday the weather was wonderful so we decided to go for a walk along the river and ended up on the Strelka.

The ‘Strelka’ is a park in the centre of Yaroslavl, at the confluence of the Kotorosl and Volga river. 212 more words


'Hanging out' in the parking lot

One of the things I love about Russia is the opening hours of the shops. Most supermarkets are open until 11 pm, all of them are open on Sundays and there even are some that are open 24 hours, seven days a week! 121 more words


All that jazz

On Friday night, we went to a concert at Yaroslavl’s Jazz Center. Actually the Jazz Center was one of the first Russian Facebook pages I’ve followed and it was also on Facebook that I learnt that Yaroslavl pianist Andrey Martynenko would hold a concert in the Center last Friday. 258 more words


Russian fruit juice: Mors

When we went out for dinner last weekend and I didn’t know which drink to choose, Wim suggested I try “mors”. I didn’t regret it! 210 more words


21 June 2015. WTF! It Has To Be Russia... A Smiling Trolleybus in Yaroslavl


Yes, indeed, a “smiling” trolleybus in Yaroslavl… greetings from the Evil Empire! WTF! It HAS to be Russia… you can’t understand it with your mind, you can only accept it for what it is



Househunting - we have a winner!

Wim went househunting in Yaroslavl last week. Thank God for modern technology: he emailed me pictures on Thursday and on Friday, I even got a live Skype tour during the visit! 71 more words


Learning Russian and the consequences for my shopping list

During our visit in Yaroslavl a couple of weeks ago, we noticed that people who spoke fluent English were rare. This gave me an extra push to finally start learning Russian. 226 more words