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In the Lap of The Holy Trinity

In the ancient city of Yaroslavl, 250 miles outside Moscow, one of the prime attractions is a sculpture of the Holy Trinity.  The only one in Russia because before it was built only statues of Christ were allowed to be depicted in stone. 369 more words


Five Years After The Tragedy That Shook The Hockey World; We Still Mourn

I still remember that week, and I still remember that day. September 7, 2011. I remember because the evening before I had invited my then-girlfriend to come over to spend the evening. 490 more words

Surprising vegetable discovery: savoy cabbage

I was amazed to see savoy cabbages at the supermarket the other day. In Belgium this type of curly cabbage is very common, but I’d never seen it before in Russia. 210 more words


This wasn't your idea of Lada, was it?

Lada showing its new models at the mall:

Looking pretty good, don’t they?

Nothing like the old-fashioned, square-shaped cars you were thinking of when you hear ‘Lada’, right? ;)


The bear's corner, Yaroslavl

As much as I wanted to travel the European countries or UK, I also wanted to go to all of the amazing places in Russia. Every winter break, most of my friends would fly to some European countries or UK for holidays. 2,172 more words


New: Belgian restaurant in Yaroslavl

Believe it or not (I didn’t when I first heard about it!) – there’s now a Belgian restaurant in Yaroslavl, called Брюгге (Bruges). I heard it was based on three principles: beer (obviously), mussels and waffles. 585 more words


Happy birthday, Volkov Theatre

Today’s the birthday of one of Russia’s most famous theatres, the Volkov Theatre in our new hometown Yaroslavl. It’s no less than 266 years old! That actually makes it the birthplace of the first national professional theatre in Russia. 137 more words