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Snow & Forest Trips

Some people seem to think that taking a photograph is easy. Just point and click and voila!! You have a great photo.

They couldn’t be further from the truth. 1,211 more words

Our Docklands' Backyard

One of the attractive things about being moored in the heart of Melbourne is the opportunity to wander along the Docklands and the Yarra River… 247 more words

Sea Change


I will share one of those simple city moments…homeward bound on a Friday afternoon, spat bug like from the humid maw of the #50 bus, and hitching up my drawers on the curb- observed two, seemingly “challenged” young men arguing over a rubbish bin. 885 more words

Princes Bridge and Yarra River sidewalk

从Flinders St 直走穿过Yarra river中间有段桥,这桥可以直通st kilda。桥上两排行人道人来人往,电车穿梭在桥上,马车丁丁响的经过,还有许多年轻人戴着耳机滑着板飘过,好有在地的气氛,非常热闹!在王子桥上可以欣赏Yarra River上的城市景色。 49 more words


Marvellous Melbourne

A couple of weeks ago we spent the weekend in Melbourne.  We do not live there but have been there often enough to sometimes overlook some of the special sights in this city. 159 more words


Winter in Aussie - Melbourne

So I decided that for my very first blog post, I’m going to write about my holiday trip with da fambam to Australia (Melbourne & Sydney). 916 more words


A Wander

Another weekend is over, blergh. Although to be honest I’m not that sad because I actually quite like my job, it’s challenging in its own way but it’s not stressful enough that I take it home with me so my days off actually feel like days off. 357 more words