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Lawsuit raises questions about safety of popular pet food

Ann Hammond has had her dog Buddy for the last eight years. “He’s my best friend,” said Hammond.

Recently her husband bought Buddy a bag of Beneful dog food made by the popular pet food company Purina. 231 more words


Haslam and Hurst.

One never tires of hearing this, fat bullshitter Ian Hurst and “my Dad was at ‘arrow” Derek Haslam on about “financial maaney” both a right pair of losers. 71 more words

Lancaster unveils new plan to provide free public WiFi throughout the city

Getting high-speed Internet access in Lancaster is going to get a lot easier.

“We’ve just been chomping at the bit waiting to announce this,” said Charlotte Katzenmoyer who is Lancaster’s Director of Public Works. 325 more words


Number of child abuse reports nearly doubles in Lancaster County

In January of last year there were about one hundred reports of child abuse in Lancaster County. This January there were almost a hundred and eighty. 273 more words


What you can do to make sure salt mixture known as brine doesn't destroy your car

This winter PennDOT workers have sprayed more brine than any other winter on record. “Six hundred and fifty thousand gallons of brine down in York County,” said Mike Summerville who is the assistant highway maintenance manager for York County. 186 more words


Dedicated ice fisherman stays out from sunrise to sunset on Lake Redman

Four times a week Bernie Fallert parks his car near the dam at Lake Redman and walks about a hundred and fifty yards out on the ice to drill a hole. 271 more words


Man confesses to killing Ephrata woman after she ended their relationship

Police said Randall Shreiner parked his car in the 500 block of East Main Street in Ephrata and waited for Monica Miller and then shot her to death on Wednesday morning. 209 more words