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All these wounds, flesh wounds that add up to make my body look like its been through a knife fight.I don’t even remeber getting half of them. 121 more words

Peopple in the forest lie

I’m in forest no one does drugs in the forest and i only habe to bottles of booze

We clearly need boat and more bitches

Why is that dude puking


Stay The Course

Today I completed a lot–a LOT– of important tasks that I have been holding on for the past few weeks and it makes me feel very good and very accomplished.  773 more words

The Thoughts Of A Clam

Project Your Happiness

Last night I woke from one of those horrible, horrible dreams that often come on at this time of the year despite how hard I try to release my mind and calm my demons.  805 more words

The Thoughts Of A Clam

Someone created this lovely petition, I thought it’d be decent enough to express my full out laughing arse-self that someone really wanted Robert Pa–, well, I’ll let you look at it. 15 more words

So Misunderstood

Season greetings!

Hi there!

Starting to soak in the Christmas mood, the week has been really great so far!! Had a simple celebration for Jieying’s 21st on Friday and we managed to totally surprise her! 83 more words

Yay Life!

Holidays xx

Hi there, it’s been awhile! Shall take some time off to do a little update before I head to bed.

The exams and the semester had ended and it’s the second/third week of the holidays already! 241 more words

Yay Life!