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PHOTOS: MAINE “YAYA DUB” MENDOZA spotted at Lifehouse concert!

In a rarce scenario, Yaya Dub and Pastillas Girl are on the same event, at the Lifehouse concert.
Maine disguises herself for people not to notice her. 25 more words

VIDEO: YAYA DUB’s treatment to fans!

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Maine didn’t disappoint her waiting fans.

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In today’s episode, Jose Manalo is Yaya Dub while Maine as Lola Tinidora.
But this is part of their plan to escape from Isadora. 11 more words

Yaya Dub Bashed Because of Her Disguise In Concert While Pastillas Girl Was Praised For Her Simplicity!

Maine Mendoza was invited by one of the members of the band Lifehouse who held a rock concert here in Manila.

When she attended the concert, she claims that she indeed needed to dress up as someone else. 19 more words

VIDEO: YAYA DUB on the drums performance!

Yaya dub once again showcases her talent on drums!
This time she gives a twist and performs with a blind fold!
"@maiden16_bul: Shemssss! No look! #EBDabarkadsPaMore pic.twitter.com/0DNK2U7kiF" HIGHLIGHT! 10 more words

VIDEO: YAYA DUB is Thankful!

After Yaya Dub’s awesome performance, she thanked Dabarkads for their endless support.
Joey teases her to speak more and Yaya Dub obliges! Everyone’s happy to hear again Yaya Dub’s voice. 16 more words

VIDEO: YAYA DUB’S dance and drum performance on EB!

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Dance a la Yaya Dub on Eat Bulaga!