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Young Christian Workers Demand Decent Work from International Labour Conference (ILC)

“We need to walk nearly 10 kilometres to reach the pond where we extract the salt, and we earn 60 gourdes ($1.5) per week. With that money, we can contribute a little to the family expenses and we have little money left.

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Catholic NGOs

2014: The Year That Was

2014 was a year of great progress for the Australian Young Christian Workers, filled with new challenges, triumphs, and friendships.

We saw the creation of the YCW ACTION Blog, the development of a… 371 more words

The March For Action Against Climate Change

Thousands of protesters worldwide took to the streets over the weekend, in the march against Climate Change.

In New York, the “Peoples Climate March” saw over 1400 organisations, students, professionals, faith groups, celebrities, politicians, and unions congregate along the streets of Manhattan; boasting one of the biggest planned events New York City has seen. 522 more words


Come join the AYCW at their annual ACTION PARTY in 2015!

(January 16th – 19th 2015)

Calling all school leavers and young adults who aspire to make a difference! 564 more words

Carbon Tax Gets The Axe

It took three attempts, weeks of heated debate, and a great deal of filibustering, but the controversial Carbon Tax was repealed through the Upper House of the Senate yesterday (17th), making Australia the first nation to scrap the Carbon Tax and in turn, raise more debate on the future of our nation’s stance on climate change. 925 more words

I've Got A Bone to Pick!

As the Young Canada Works Collections Management Officer here at the MIA, I started my summer off with a group of works – mostly stone sculpture – acquired by the museum in 2013.  365 more words

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