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Survey: Nearly Three-Quarters Of Area Roads In Poor Or Mediocre Condition

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Weather and neglect are taking a toll on roads in the New York City metropolitan area, according to a new survey. 218 more words


Pols Call for Repeal of 421-A Real Estate Tax Break

Council members and tenant advocates rallied outside City Hall this morning against the 421-A tax exemption, which was created in the 1970s to encourage construction of affordable housing but which its opponents today claimed has become an incentive for market-rate development. 471 more words

Juan Rodriguez: An Original New Yorker

New Yorkers pride themselves on exploring new neighborhoods, but Juan  Rodriguez, Manhattan’s first non-indigenous resident, went 400 years without any credit. This pioneer preceded the first permanent Dutch settlement by a decade, but until recently, he was buried as a footnote in New York City history. 1,451 more words


Officials Release Report On Overcrowding At NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital's ER

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Two New York officials released a report on Wednesday detailing overcrowding problems at one of New York City’s busiest emergency rooms. 398 more words


City Council Members Introduce Bill Banning Horse Carriages

After months of speculation and dueling rallies on the City Hall steps, Council members Daniel Dromm and Ydanis Rodriguez introduced legislation today aimed at banning the city’s horse carriage industry, which would fulfill a campaign promise from Mayor Bill de Blasio. 644 more words

Democrats Hope to Pass Horse Carriage Ban Next Spring

A trio of city council members and several animal rights groups rallied outside City Hall today to support legislation that would ban the horse carriage industry in New York. 516 more words

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Citi Bike to Pay New York $5 M. Annually for Parking, Not Much Else at the Moment

When Bike Share Holdings LLC, a newly-formed investment venture, acquired Citi Bike and its parent company Alta Bicycle Share late last month, the Department of Transportation announced what the acquisition would mean for the program’s expansion. 622 more words