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35: "You must have the patience of a saint"

Ye’s job was going about as well as she’d expected it to, which was to say not good at all. She was a terrible receptionist. It involved far too much cheeriness. 977 more words


12: "Should you be wearing a cardigan?"

The first week in March, Ye finally got a job. After months and months of searching and applying, mostly without any response at all, and a few truly terrible job interviews, she finally got herself a job. 986 more words



This flip bangs. ye. is one of the most promising acts of 2018. Don’t sleep.


68: "I'm certainly not enjoying it"

Ye had a date with Gene, the man she’d met at Iggy and Joey’s joint birthday party. He had invited her for dinner two days after the party. 1,133 more words


52: "He is essentially the human equivalent of dust"

Karl threw himself an apartment warming party in mid-November. It had been several months since he’d moved into his pathetically small apartment, but he did it nonetheless. 1,037 more words


wordpress vs original website.

few days ago one wrote to me that he’s not interested in consultation from a wordpress blogger. well, opinions may differ but i think it’s better to get useful information from a person behind an average looking blog than using an original top notch website selling you bs (bad science). 466 more words