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I’m passionate about character customization in video games


One of the problems I have been experiencing while on the road is how predictive text seems to mess up what I write – it omits some words, introduces others that I haven’t thought of and occasionally keeps repeating letters, for example I want to type ‘the average temperature here is’, I end up with ‘ttttttttthhhhhhhheeeeeee aaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaagggggggggeeeeeeee tttttttttyytteeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmmpppppppppeeeeeeerrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaatttttttttyuuuuuuurrrrrrttteeeeeeeer iiiiiiiiiiisssss’ , so you get the idea how frustrating it is to have to deal with. 302 more words


In front of me is a kettle half full of luke warm tea – not strong tea, just enough flavour to make it taste like weak water. 557 more words

letra y

La letra y se denomina i griega o ye.

El nombre i griega, heredado del latino, es la denominación tradicional y más extendida de esta letra, y refleja su origen y su empleo inicial en préstamos del griego. 73 more words


Kanye Speaks At LA Fashion College

Kanye has been giving quite a few speeches lately. His latest one comes from his time at the LA Fashion College. Watch as he speaks about the ‘haters’ you’ll receive as you become successful; check it all out below!

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How might IL EST EN sound when pronounced informally? (#950)

Informally, il est sounds like yé. So il est jeune will sound like yé jeune when said spontaneously in a conversation.

But what about when the next word after… 118 more words

Français Québécois

Kanye West Makes Highest-Ever Donation To Donda's House

Kanye West co-founded Donda’s House as a means to both commemorate his mother after her passing, and to give back to his beloved city of Chicago. 140 more words