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A2 - Giving the kids control over the ICT

This blog post by Simon Haughton discussed the points teachers need to keep in mind when planning for lessons that incorporate ICT, and with any luck I have in fact provided you with the page I have saved in Diigo with bits highlighted. 302 more words



Yesterday I went hiking at Governor Dodge in Dodgeville. I had great time but when I came back I noticed a tick on me, right under my armpit. 170 more words


ചോര ചീന്തി നാഥൻ എൻ പാപമെല്ലാം പോക്കിടാൻ y
aruma നാഥൻ കാൽവരിയിൽ യാഗമായ് തീർനിതാ
ഓർത്തു സ്തുതി പാടൂ നീ ,നാഥൻ വീണ്ടെടുതതാൽ
നീയും,ഞാനും,ലോകവും സ്വര്ഗത്തിന് അർഹർ ആയതാൽ

Finishing Well

I was shocked, but not surprised, when the news of the closing of Youth Encounter was released a couple of weeks ago.  Youth Encounter is an organization with a rich history in the Lutheran church, and its closing is an event of seismic proportions in the world of ministry with young people. 657 more words

The Church

The Lost of Pablo

Today I decided to take a break from riding on Kendrick Lamar as my 2 previous post have been about him and take a turn to another major artists for the past years. 450 more words


Kolay Besin Tercihleriyle Nasıl Her Gün Detoks Yapılır?

Besin sindiriminin vücudunuzdaki diğer tüm fonksiyonlardan daha fazla enerji tükettiğini biliyor muydunuz? Yani, o geçen akşam yemek yapmaya üşendiğiniz için sipariş ettiğiniz pizza var ya; yalnızca yağ olarak depolanmıyor, aynı zamanda oturduğunuz yerde yorulmuş hissetmenize neden oluyor! 535 more words