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Aspall Cyder: A taste of ye olde worlde

Aspall Suffolk Cyder

So today while perusing the shelves of the local bottle shop for a new and interesting cider, (I always gravitate towards the crowd favourite of Strongbow crisp/dry) I stumbled upon Aspall. 199 more words



I have been thinking to create a blog here for a long time. 


First I am not a writer, though I pretended to be into writing when I was at elementary school. 122 more words


Word of the Day: ye

ye (for definite article: thee, for pronoun: yee)

definite article: the
pronoun: you

For definite article: Alteration of Old English þe (the).
Earliest documented use: before 12th century. 200 more words

Choice Words

You Won't Believe WHERE Kanye Discovered the "Meaning of Life!"

Kanye West is a changed man!!!!! In her cover story for Paper, he explains he now knows the MEANING OF LIFE!
And where did he learn the meaning of life? 71 more words

Can you trust me?

Xúc cảm đó như của ai chứ nào còn phải của anh
Trống trãi cô quạnh anh quen rồi
Đi đâu – nhìn đâu – ở đâu cũng thấy thiếu hẫng như mất cả địa cầu… 389 more words


Pronouns Redux, Second-Person Y'all, and She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed

Today’s word is “redux,” defined as “brought back, returned,” in the American Heritage Dictionary, because there’s more to say about last week’s column’s theme: pronouns.  For starters, the Swedish Academy announced they’re adding “hen,” a gender-neutral pronoun to fit between “han” and “hon,” the Swedish “he” and “she.”  And for an amusing bedtime read, try Alexander McCall Smith’s “Portuguese Irregular Verbs,” featuring linguist “Professor Dr. 652 more words

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