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Day of Reckoning

She wasn’t surprised the pencils were missing. That was quite clear.  The girl’s feigned shock was too exaggerated and she made no effort to find them. 680 more words

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A new ministry

Was Tracey unhappy, or just quiet? She rarely spoke—who would she speak to?  Sometimes, books gave her company. When words swam in her head and she couldn’t drown the noise, she retired the books to their place on the windowsill. 7 more words

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No Flowers

No Flowers

‘He felt just a little more intoxicated than he’d planned.’… Excerpt from Police Report #YW384 9/4/18

Really? Bullshit! You never plan to get ‘intoxicated’, you always plan to get stinking drunk.  342 more words

Flash Fiction

Saying "Fart" is Always Funny

A sign flew by overhead.

“What did that say?”  My sister asked.

“Beats me.  I don’t speak German.”

My sister was nervous about driving on the Autobahn. 73 more words

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It’s the summer after seventh grade, and my best friend is Haley, a tall blonde full of moles. There are ten of them shaped like a soda bottle on her back. 726 more words


Dee always maintained that she never listened to music. She liked to say she hadn’t ever bought a cassette or a CD or owned an iPod or downloaded music to the computer or turned on the radio. 545 more words

Bits And Pieces, Complaints (mediocre Writing In The Short Form)