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Hot Pursuit

The sweltering heat holds a promise of melting all of Mandy’s make up off her face. She does not usually take the bus to school, but their driver is on a holiday, and her mom refuses to take her to school as a move to drill some independence into her. 703 more words


Royal Weddings Require Fascinators

A Royal Wedding requires a fascinator.

Okay, maybe not if you’re watching a tape-delayed, televised Royal Wedding from the comfort of your sisters’ couch in Austin, Texas. 377 more words

Yeah Write

Yeah Write #369 Weekend Showcase- Cutter


Okay friends. Buckle up we’re gonna go for an adventure in The World. 

Remember hypertext? We’re doing some hypertext. Click at will. Here is how it works. 279 more words

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The Misty Morning

In the hour before dawn, the only sounds would be the distant whir of highway traffic and Bill’s dog crashing through brush. He would shrug on his parka and waders, sling duck calls around his neck. 680 more words

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An SOS to Outer Space

“Pass the joint, yo,” said Facundo.

Andrés took a long drag and passed it along. He sat back on the grass and stared at the darkening sky over Buenos Aires. 810 more words

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Misadventures Past Bedtime

It was a dark and stormy night when our intrepid explorer, seeking the forbidden repository of confections, plummeted head-first down the cascading thoroughfare to the vaults and landed at the feet of the nefarious beldam dubbed “sitter”, inadvertently uncovering every toddler’s nightmare: a “time-out”. 11 more words

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Best Laid Plans

Today was the day.

Jamie entered the Met and headed straight back to the European Wing. A group of kids was about to begin a tour, and they appeared to be close to her age. 727 more words

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