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Something wicked this way comes...

Excited for the upcoming Macbeth trip? WE ARE!

Build up your inner suspense by having a read of the RSC”s home page for the play and watch the rehearsal video for a taster of what’s to come! 6 more words

Year 11

Reflecting on your Writing

Questions to think about when completing your reflection.

The dot points below are the points from your assessment task. Underneath these dot points is a list of possible questions you could write about to help you cover the requirements of the assessment. 252 more words

Reading To Write

Short Story Starters

In our module Reading to Write you will need to transform a short story. When writing a short story you want to make sure that you have a great beginning that engages your audience. 20 more words

Reading To Write

To all the teenage girls in the world by Hannah

To all the teenage girls in the world,

No longer should we let the internet influence the way we see ourselves. No longer should we allow ourselves to crumble from the harmful comments of others. 1,165 more words


The destruction of deforestation by Kyla Lindeque

The act of destroying our treasured forests, selfishly stealing innocent animals’ homes to satisfy our greed, and pushing our planet towards even more environmental danger can be bluntly summed up to one disgusting word; deforestation. 900 more words


What the beef and dairy industries don't want you to know... by Jess Carroll

Imagine this. You’ve just gone through the full 9 months of pregnancy and developed a bond to your beautiful baby like no other you’ve ever experienced. 1,246 more words


Life Update Number 2...

Hiya again, been a while… GCSEs are currently taking over my life but a new half term is about to being and just like when a new year being we can make changes right?!?!?! 308 more words