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Podcast - Hitler's Rise To Power and the Night of the Long Knives

The Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast covers Hitler’s rise to power and the Night of the Long Knives – where the SA who had been so vital to Hitler’s rise to power were ruthlessly purged of potential opponents to Hitler. Listen to it here!


Podcast -Mein Kampf

Listen to a discussion about Hitler’s unreadable autobiography here!


Podcast - Children At War

Listen to a history of children at war, including a section on the Hitler Youth, here!


Podcast - The Women Who Flew For Hitler

Kinder, kirche, kuche – and aviation! Find out about two women who defied Nazi expectations of women in the Reich, and their very different attitudes towards Nazism.

Listen to it here!


Podcast - Nazi Politics, 1929-1933

The History of WW2 podcast episode containing information on Nazi politics between 1929 and 1933. You can listen here!