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Ooohhh, nearly there...

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Year 12

Acid rain revision.

It might pay to start this topic with some revision of acids and bases.  I posted this one last year….

Rain containing dissolved carbon dioxide is acidic.

202 more words

Photochemical smog revision.

You wanted to know more about ozone…

Ozone, O3, is found throughout the atmosphere.  Ozone is a pale blue gas that is poisonous to human life and plants, even in small concentrations.  539 more words

Year 12

Dry cleaning chemistry. And some revision along the way....

Well, I just picked up my dry cleaning in time for the races…

It gave me some inspiration for this blog post – there is plenty of chemistry involved. 405 more words



Leading on from our alcohols topic in class…

Moonshine.  White lightning. Mountain dew. Hooch. Rotgut. Bathtub gin. Popskull. Panther’s breath. Jet fuel. Corn liquor. Or just plain old shine… 543 more words


Acid rain animations.

I have provided links to the USEPA site and Absorb Chemistry website in our presentations in class. I’ve had a search a little further and have also been able to locate this simplified… 81 more words