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Expert Advice: Strangers and Safety During the Holidays

The holiday season is a joyful time of year, but it’s also a time of year when you need to be extra-cautious when out and about with your child. 701 more words

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WAM & GPA Explained

When you start university, you are introduced to a whole new way, your marks are represented. Whilst in Year 12, your final ATAR was how your academic standing was calculated, in university, GPA and WAM are used. 489 more words

Year 12 - Music Video - Star Theory

Richard Dyer’s Star Theory

Richard Dyer states that celebrities are mere commodities. Created by larger corporations to target a specific group of people to make money. 49 more words

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Year 12 - Theory and Theorists - Intro to Representation


You have 20 minutes to find something represented in two different ways.  It could be a celebrity, a politician, a company, a place.  Create a short presentation, send it to Mrs B (blackg@gordonstoun.org.uk) and be prepared to discuss it at the end of the lesson. 16 more words

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