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1. Briefing

After we finished with White Park we had to chose what project we want to do next. We had to chose from 6  competitions open to a large public, all of them very interesting and challenging. 272 more words

Year 2

12. Final design and presentation

For my final design I chose to create different typographical logos but with the same structure, using different symbols that represent each type of beer creating an healthy brand image directed towards people that respect themselves and their bodies. 322 more words

Year 2

11. Design Development 3

After I decide to create different “W” logos for each type of beer using the flavours symbols and their plants, I started to collect images with the flavours and then drew the plants on transparent paper many times, until I liked the result, I started drawing just the plant first in a line, then I tried making the “W”with the plant because I didn’t want to only make the line with the pattern and then copy it in order to create a symmetrical shape of the letter, I preferred it to be more authentic. 785 more words

Year 2

PERL Charity Website

Below is a walk through of a mock charity website for my second year Web Programming module.

The website was built using PERL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 12 more words

Year 2

REPOST Mobile Applications

Below is the run through of my app…again…

This was awarded 85%. I am extremely proud of this mark and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Year 2

10. Design Development 2

After I saw some examples of typography made out of leaves, I started to draw the hops leaves from the previous logo design made and trace them on a paper and then drawing other leaves of the ingredients and combining them together. 740 more words

Year 2