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Final Lighting Render

The torch is the only light source in the scene, but that didn’t mean I only used 1 light source in maya. I had 2 point lights on the torch, one a light yellow and the other a deep orange. 101 more words

Year 2

Fluid Effects

I used fluid effects to make the fire by creating a 3d container with an emitter placed at the source of the flame (the torch) I messed around with a lot of the settings until I got a look that I was happy with.  31 more words

Year 2

Blocking in the Layout

I decided to have 2 arched doorways, 1 main entrance and another heading into the back room. The main room has shelves on either side which I’ll use to place most of the props on. 33 more words

Year 2

Στα χαμηλά, μα τι μου έκανε εντύπωση :)

Να είσαι έτοιμος να ταπεινωθείς. Με μεταπτυχιακό να πλένεις πλαστικά ποτηράκια γεμάτα λευκή ξεραμένη μπογιά με λίγο detergent και cloth με τον παραδοσιακό Βρετανικό τρόπο σε έναν νεροχύτη στην τάξη την ώρα που τα παιδιά κάνουν μάθημα με τον δάσκαλο. 70 more words

Greeks Teaching

Prop Concepts

Chain link and Coin.

Femur, Mummy, and spine.

Tibia and Torch

Various Urns

Year 2

Catacomb Concept

I chose to do The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allen Poe. I felt like the environments in this short story were very well described and gave me a good choice on what I wanted to eventually model. 27 more words

Year 2