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Turning a corner

Thought I’d better put my two-penneth in since I haven’t written a post for a seriously long time. There is a good reason for that though, since November last year I’ve been working on a diploma in Event Management while working 4 days a week and volunteering on an event for the SSSI (surveying institution) that Graham got me involved in. 806 more words

Year 2

Year 2, Day 29

Kicking off my Joey weekend at Polite Provisions!


McAlpine Garden Challenge

Children throughout the school have been busy transforming safety helmets from McAlpine into hanging baskets! We are always excited to be involved in projects in our local community and were delighted to be set this challenge by the building company working to expand facilities in Southampton. 66 more words

Summer Safety

Essex Fire Service have issued a helpful guide to staying safe in the Summer.

Click to view Summer Safety June 2015 and stay safe this summer.

Pupil Pages

Summer Reading Challenge 2015

We were delighted to welcome our local librarian from Totton to tell us all about the exciting new challenge taking place in libraries this summer. If you haven’t got your own library card yet, this is a great time to join. 35 more words

Year 2 Finish Fiction Writing Books Inspired by Night at the Museum 03/07/15

This week we have finished our fiction story books inspired by the film ‘Night at the Museum’. These books show off the children’s incredible imagination and literacy work. 53 more words

Year 2

Year 2 Reflection

Hello Friends!

I was recently told that some individuals read my blog before they came to GPISH. This came as a shock to me because the writing process was more a therapeutic record for myself than a medium to share my experiences. 363 more words

Year 2