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Document photography: as evidence and identification

During the lecture today, we spoke and established the relation between photography and its use as a document, evidence. The role of photography has been discussed since its creation and many philosophers offered different and divergent opinions. 312 more words

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Gradient Mapping

For this lecture we have been looking at a new tool in Photoshop gradient mapping which allows you to take colours and manipulate them to create a whole new feel to a digital painting in an easy way. 275 more words

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Incomplete grayscale

I messed up the proportions in this. Long story short the house behind was in a tricky position for me to fix.

Year 2

Year 2, Day 302 (KSS Auxillary Science Lab Launched)

The KSS Auxillary Science Lab is launched!   These frequent KSS missions using the Sarnus Rocket hardware is getting our scientists and engineers very familiar with them – should be useful when the Aurora Program uses them to visit Mun! 119 more words

Year 2

Year 2, Day 292

Construction starts on the next expansion to the KSS – the Auxillary Science Lab!

While much smaller than the previous expansions the Auxillary Science Lab is just as heavy… packed full of interesting scientific equipment!

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Year 2, Day 290

KerbSat 2, an additional communications satellite, is launched.  It is identical to KerbSat 1, except for a longer range communications dish similar to the one on Explorer 1.  99 more words

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Year 2, Day 281 (Sarnus Launch Vehicle Announced!)

KSEA excitedly releases the plans for the Sarnus V launch vehicle!  The Sarnus Rocket itself has been through several trial runs while construction the Kerbin Space Station, and with just a few modifications to the basic lifter design a Mun Mission should be quite possible! 127 more words

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