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Korean Alcohol

Drinking culture in Korea

The drinking culture in Korea it quite large. Korean people believe that drinking allows people to get closer together because alcohol makes people open up. 1,219 more words

Year 2

Pyramiden: Nearing the End

Our Synoptic project this year, Pyramiden, has certainly been a fun project. We’ve been working on it since before Christmas, and finally, after so long…the end is in sight. 887 more words

Year 2

Cyanotype Experimentation

Cyanotypes are a photographic printing process, created by Sir John Herschel to reproduce diagrams, commonly used to print blueprints. The process produces a cyan blue silhouette when an object is placed on it and is exposed to a UV light source. 343 more words

Year 2

Tutor 1-1

I had a tutor session to evaluate how the project is going so far, I received feedback from both of my two lecturers. They have given me ideas for the direction of my project. 140 more words

College Projects

Anna Atkins

Anna Atkins was a British botanist (expert in the scientific study of plants) and seen by some as the first female photographer. She is best known for her work with cyanotypes and through her relationship with her farther and her husband she became acquainted with Sir John Herschel, who invented the cyanotype printing method. 344 more words

Year 2