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Project 1 – Animation Studies: Last topic.

  • Animation is a form of art or a form of production.

This is my last topic.
Oddly enough when I searched for information about ‘what other people think’ regarding this topic I found an article that is pretty much talking about all three topics that we were given.   690 more words


Project 1 - Animation Studies: What to discuss?

I’ve started the research part of things.  I thought it’d be best to start with a topic before designing the character just so I can adjust the character to the topic rather than the topic to the character (This makes sense in my head.) 953 more words


Project 1 - Animation Studies: The Occurrence with two heads.

For the last week of term 1 (year 2)  we have a small project.  Creating a character with two heads who will discuss as a pro and anti about a topic related to animation.   212 more words


Obsolete is a series of work that focuses on buildings and woodland that is going to be transformed or demolished in order to make way for new properties, using a photographical technique with surfaces found where the photographs were taken. 516 more words

Beyond Photography

Literature Review 12.2.1,12.2.2

For my research, I have been looking at both academic and cultural sources to try and find out some useful information for my study. These include different aspects that I am looking at for my investigation to give myself an advanced idea of how men’s online magazines are generally promoted and popularized. 29 more words

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