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AO Year 2, Term 2, Week 9

Despite the sickness that has invaded the house, we slowly chiseled away at Moose’s week. It’s important to give him some level of routine, even when the days are really NOT routine. 374 more words


Green screen filming

YEar 2 have just finished filming their green screen film about Icarus! Well done to all the children for making such a fantastic film and a big thank you to Miss Barnes, Miss Bond and our helper Chris!

Year 2

Year 2 had a fabulous Forest School session re-creating Scutari Hospital

Year 2 travelled back in time to the Crimean War and recreated Scutari Hospital.
They were busy bandaging soldiers, distributing medicines and generally making sure the hospital was as Florence would like it! 24 more words


Year 2 created patterned tiles inspired by Joseph and his amazing technicolour coat

‘Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Coat’ have been the inspiration for our pattern making this week.
Using the medium of clay we have created repeating patterns using a wide array of objects. 50 more words


Unit 12 - Project Proposal

Tutors: Toby Clarke & Ben Grant Centre Name: Sussex Downs College Student Name: Jack Boggis Project Proposal Title: Unit 12 Extended Project Chosen Pathway(s): 896 more words
Unit 12

Weekly Recap - 10/01/2018

On this week I actually started my social action which included getting my research out of the way, only taking this week on account of it only being a short project. 67 more words

Year 2:

Weekly Recap - 03/01/2018

Back from the Christmas break and straight back into things, after the brief was laid out for us regarding our new project. It’s only a short 3-4 week project that is about social action, you have to design and develop a brief to do with your work, and the main point is to focus on experimentation. 36 more words

Year 2: