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Good Learners Assembly ~ 17th November

On Children in Need Day, children across the school were

presented with awards for their excellent work and achievements over the past week. This included Maths work using money and Lego, children who had written detailed examples in their Guided Reading and for children who had improved their work across several subjects. 127 more words

Whole School

Mic Placement Makes A Big Difference!

In one of my recent recordings of a drum track a lot of time was spent on the microphone placement, not just from looking at it but from listening back to it and changing the way it is placed in regards to how it sounds. 179 more words

Year 2

Finalising Ideas

Today was the second meet up for our group, sadly one of the members changed groups therefore we gained another member as a replacement. We spent time explaining to her the process of the module and our ideas for the project. 331 more words

Year 2

Activism: Pamphlet workshop

Today we had a special guest, from level 6, Lisa Wallius.

She came to our class to share with us her experience with pamphlets. Like us, she had to create a pamphlet too, and it was really great to see all of the progress, started from what the pamphlet would have inside, what colour she would use, what images she would place it and how she would display it. 143 more words


Super Two!

Year 2 have been making capes and masks, because they are learning about Superheroes!

They have been learning about onomatopoeia… “A word that means what we can hear,” Jamie, 2JH. 22 more words

Website Shoot 3 - Studio

A second shoot in the studio using a different dancer.  Trying to keep the white background so the site has consistency.

I made sure the dancer brought a selection of outfits to give me a bit more variation with the selection of shots. 32 more words

Website shoot 2 - location

I used my younger daughter in this shoot as she is an accomplished street dancer.  I chose the location – Brungerly Park in Clitheroe because the scenery is nice, there aren’t too many people there and there is quite a wide variation on locations within the park.   96 more words