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Let no one steal your dreams by Paul Cookson

I used to encourage my class to follow their dreams. I used to ask them to think of what they wanted to become – a great inventor, a doctor, a professor, a teacher, a designer, an actor, a musician… and inevitably a footballer. 426 more words

Year 5

How to get your class to perform a poem

Performing poetry? Isn’t that a bit elitist? A teacher once said to me how performing poetry was very “public school”. How much farther from the truth could you get? 238 more words

Year 5

Television by Roald Dahl

Television. Good or bad? Well, this poem by Roald Dahl will be familiar to many primary school pupils. It appears in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a song by the Oompa-Loompas. 404 more words

Year 5

Idea 193: Teaching times tables with a 'multiplication stick'

This is another simple activity which I will have the children do before they take the multiplication quiz mentioned in idea 192. Pairs of pupils have one stick between them. 146 more words


Monday Provocation: A New Beginning!

Quite a bit of change around these parts this year! Not only did I move back to Kent, start my first teaching job in the UK, renovate my house and get married (yay!), I also made a positive but significant career move. 212 more words


Awhitu Peninsula

Another 2 weeks down in Term 3.  It’s sure flying by!  Only 3 more full weeks until another grand Outdoor Ed. trip to OPC in Tongariro . 516 more words

Year 4!

A Chance in France by Pie Corbett

A Chance in France

I really like this poem by Pie Corbett, a great educationalist who is passionate about writing fiction and prose. This poem uses wordplay to stretch the imagination of children – and is pretty handy, too, in finding out how much they know about the world and its cities and countries. 314 more words

Year 5