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Y9 -29/09/16

Due: 04/10 (Issued: 29/09)

Title: Diary Entry


  • Choose one of the main characters:
    Mrs Johnstone, Mrs Lyons, Eddie, Mickey
  • Consider everything that has happened in Act One…
  • 97 more words
Year 9

Look, no instruments...

Year 9’s entree this term into the world of experimental music is well underway. They have been listening to various pieces which challenge their assumptions about what music is, how it is created and where is is performed, including Stockhausen’s Helicopter Quartet (for conventional string quartet, except that each player is sitting in a helicopter which takes off and flies around). 32 more words


Why live near a volcano? Year 9 homework

Many communities live in the shadow of volcanoes. Given that they can be so destructive it might be hard to imagine why. The picture above shows a farm in Iceland locate very near by the erupting Bardarbunga Volcano. 141 more words

GCSE Homework

Y9 - 22/09/16

Due: 27/09 (Issued: 22/09)

Title: How does the writer create a sense of foreboding in Act one of Blood Brothers?


  1. Develop a set of RACERS paragraph…
  2. 90 more words
Year 9

A snapshot of the main world faiths

The video series My Life, My Religion has a really simple format: a child explains how their faith affects their life. You could watch these videos in Year 7 and easily understand them, but they are also useful for students doing their GCSE as a form of revision. 11 more words

Y9 - 13/09/16

Due: 19/09 (Issued: 12/09)

Title: A Letter of Advice


  • Consider the themes and topics discussed so far in relation to Blood Brothers and its context…
  • 134 more words
Year 9