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Conflict poetry: writing comparative paragraphs


In both poems, the poets explore the theme of mercy.  In Exposure, Owen does this by describing the wind as “merciless”.  This example of personification helps the reader understand the impact the wind had on the soldiers; the weather is an uncompassionate enemy, attacking the men. 102 more words

Y9 - 20/01/17

Due: 24/01 (Issued: 20/01)

Title: Phoenix Analysis

Task: How does the poet use language and structure to present the speaker’s views on the Pakistani style clothing that her aunts from Pakistan have sent to her in the UK? 66 more words

Year 9

Year 9: Shakespeare research

Year 9 homework:

Research the topic you have been given.  The topics are in this document: topics-for-shakespeare-research

Then, create an A5 or A4 poster (suitable to go onto the classroom wall) with this information clearly and neatly presented on it.   60 more words

Y9 - 10/01/17

Due: 12/01 (Issued: 10/01)

Title: Differences between Lennie and George

Task: How does Steinbeck use language to present the different characters of George and Lennie in the opening chapter? 1,324 more words

Year 9

Year 9: Shakespeare's contemporaries

Meet the contemporaries: https://www.rsc.org.uk/shakespeares-contemporaries/meet-the-contemporaries

Past RSC productions: https://www.rsc.org.uk/shakespeares-contemporaries/past-productions