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The Voyage Game: launches today!

Today we are officially launching our educational game, The Voyage, at the Tasmanian Museum and Gallery in Hobart.

The Voyage is a ‘serious’ game based on the transportation of convicts from Britain to Van Diemen’s Land in the early nineteenth century. 510 more words

Australian National Maritime Museum

Year 9 Academic Roundup

Year 9 Maths.
Our latest topic is Fractional Indices.
Simple really!
a) 101 x 101 = 102 = 100 uses the integers or whole numbers 1 and 2 as indices …and… 447 more words

Richmond School Activities

HASS iBooks/Apps for 2016

Humanities & Social Sciences use the Apple iBook platform for Geography & History textbooks. The History textbooks cost $19.99 each, while the Geography textbooks cost $4.99 for Years 7 and 8 and $5.99 for Year 9. 278 more words

Year 10

9/En7 Ozymandias Revision: Due Mon 30th

5 Min: re-annotate Ozymandias on your paper copy.

Then watch the following videos and continue with your annotation.

Year 9

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

GCSE Pod have collated a group of podcasts on how to tackle spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Let’s get it right!

Year 11

Mr Legowski's Yr 9 Tempest Storyboard homework - due Monday 30 November

Create a colourful, detailed storyboard of the most important events in The Tempest using the software on http://www.storyboardthat.com. You will need to create an account but it literally took me one minute to do so. 108 more words

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