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Year 9 half term homework

Due Tues 1st November.

Refresh the your knowledge of the following poems by reading them, reading about them on the website, and answering the questions (in the back of your book): 132 more words

Why are Bristolians remembering a man who was shot 100 years ago?

Alfred and Arthur Jeffries were two brothers from The Dings in St Phillips, East Bristol. Arthur was killed fighting at the Battle of the Somme on 16th September 1916. 92 more words

Local History

Take a chance - Aleatory music

Year 9 were faced with the musical uncertainties of interpreting an aleatory score where key decisions affecting timbre, harmony and pitches are left up to the performer. 51 more words

Year 9

Heard of the war in the Yemen? Thought not.

You may never have even heard of the Yemen which is just south of Saudi Arabia. So it is therefore highly unlikely you’ve ever heard of the war which has been taking place in the Yemen since September 2014. 150 more words

Read one of these English reading suggestions - aimed at years 9-10

An English tutor at Balliol College in Oxford has made a list jam-packed with reading suggestions for aspiring English students.

See the list here


Hurricane Matthew - Year 9 homework

Hurricane Matthew has turned out to be the most powerful hurricane to affect the Caribbean for 9 years, and it now due to affect the State of Florida. 66 more words

GCSE Homework

Y9 - 05/10/16

Due: 10/10 (Issued: 05/10)

Title: To what extent do you agree?


A student having read the different ways that the policeman treats Mrs Johnstone and Mr Lyons, said “These parts of the text, detailing the different ways the policeman talks to both parents, shows how factors such as wealth, education and the use of dialect dictates how the two classes are treated differently.” 144 more words

Year 9