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Year 9 - New Topic

Well done on your fab test marks! I’m very proud of you all.

We’re starting a new topic – have a look at these new words we’ll be looking at…

Miss DC x

Vocab Learning

Y8 & 9 - 20/02/17

Due: 27/02 (Issued: 20/02)

Title: Persuasive Device Revision

Task: You have been issued a double-sided revision sheet on Persuasive Devices which:

Year 8

Post-Christmas Blues

Year 9 have had the blues since coming back to school after Christmas. They have looked at the origins and development of blues music and focused on the chord structure as well as identifying ‘blue’ notes and a walking bass line. 79 more words

Year 9

Y9 - 09/02/17

Due: 20/02 (Issued: 09/02)

Title: Isolation

Task: Answer the three questions

  1. List four things you learn about Candy in this extract
  2. How does the writer use language to present Candy as isolated?
  3. 661 more words
Year 9

Super Bowl 51 - a spectacular show

Adverts by Coca-Cola  and Budweiser; an amazing half time performance by Lady Gaga; and a thrilling final catch to swing the game to the Patriots. 221 more words