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Gold at the National Eisteddfod

On Sunday 22nd May the Mount Stromlo High School Concert Band performed at the Australian National Eisteddfod. We performed 3 pieces – Sway arranged by Michael Brown, … 53 more words


Index laws

Index rules – An explanation of the main laws of indices (or powers). You don’t really need to understand where they come from to use them, but some people find it helps.

Advanced laws of indices

Year 9

Number 1

Standard form –  a way of writing very large and/or very small numbers in a short way

Calculation using standard form

Year 9

Comparing Unseen Poems

For AQA GCSE English Literature Paper 2 you have an 8 mark question where you have to compare two poems. You will have to look for similarities and differences. 49 more words

Extra Info

What should I do for Unseen Poetry?

Here is a great revision from Mr. Bruff. There are lots of videos on Youtube that can give you the wrong information so be careful. Mr Bruff’s videos are ones that I would recommend. 320 more words


Unseen Poetry Revision

The main thing to remember about unseen poetry is that everything is written on that page for a reason. This means that you should take the time to think through… 183 more words