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The Best of 2015 Music: From the Pop Waves to Indie Raves

Pop Artist of the Year: Taylor Swift
Whether she was assuring a paramour their coupling would never go out “Style”, reeling over the betrayal of a close friend in “Bad Blood” or experiencing her “Wildest Dreams”, Taylor Swift was reigning supreme as the hits off her 2014 smash record ‘1989’, kept rolling in. 1,998 more words

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Top 50 Albums of 2015

For me, 2015 has been an overwhelming year for music. Diving fully into music writing, both for myself and for other publications, has helped me discover more great albums than ever before, and these fifty are my favourites. 4,241 more words
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The Best Films of 2015

I know that top lists are cheap posts and it’s only my second entry, but this is the time of year that I think it’s permissible.  1,406 more words

The Look Of Silence

i was alive in 2015 so i watched, listened and read stuff

Like always, it is time for me to list all the things that I enjoyed last year, a couple of weeks after everyone else does. And I also list a lot of stuff that may or may not have come out this year, but simply had an impact on my during the past 365 spins of the Earth. 511 more words


Nick Manna’s Favorite Music of 2015

— by Nick Manna

Year-end lists are fun, in theory. Often they seem to be a practice in confirmation bias. So instead of listing albums you may or may not have heard, here are some unforgettable experiences from this year. 980 more words

Year End Lists

5 Worst Films of 2015

I hope everyone enjoyed my retrospective on #1 films past a few days ago. Now unto Part 2 of my year-end lists: the worst films of 2015. 648 more words

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