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E's Friday Faves

I’m currently on the edge of bringing you guys not one, but two book reviews. Until then though, I thought it’d be cool to give props to some of my favorite books, movies, TV shows and even bloggers. 313 more words


2018 Mid-Year Wrap Up: Work, Travel, EXO, Repeat.

For three years now, I’ve done a yearly wrap up (2015 2016 2017), and a common theme running through all of them was my pursuit of happiness. 1,012 more words

Year End Review

Books That Every Reader Needs to Read

I was combing through my list of potential blog posts and stopped on this one today because I’m feeling really nostalgic right now.

I’m sure everyone does this at some point, but have you ever scrolled through your Goodreads books and thought, “Why haven’t more people read this book?” because I do and I can honestly say that it leaves me a bit frustrated at times. 388 more words


The best manga of 2016? Review of Yotsuba&! and Kimi ni todoke

2016? Yes, that’s right, we’re still not finished with that year. This time we’re going to look at some ‘problematic’ middle volumes of long-running manga series: how come first volumes and, on rare occasions, final volumes get all the media attention while all the volumes in between get none? 862 more words


Mann's Take: 2017 in Review

by Will Mann

Get Out

Get Out was the movie we didn’t know we collectively needed in 2017, but man oh man, am I sure thankful we got it. 3,054 more words


My Year at the Movies - 2017

Action Scenes of the Year (SPOILERS) (see below for One-on-One Fights)

10) The Losers’ Club vs. Pennywise, It

9) Shootout, Wind River

8) Foot chase, … 2,550 more words


My Film Awards - 2017

Best Supporting Actress

Betty Gabriel, Get Out

Holly Hunter, The Big Sick

Allison Janney, I Tonya

Catherine Keener, Get Out

Andrea Riseborough, Battle of the Sexes… 383 more words