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What a PAIN in the A$$

When I was pregnant, 7 years ago, like many women my body changed in a lot of ways: my feet grew, my nose grew, EVERYTHING hurt, I became a tiger with beautiful stripes (haha) and I also was introduce to Sciatica. 819 more words

Year Of Fear

Goodbye Apartment

Time is all relative. A minute can seem like forever when you’re doing planks but like a flash of lightning when you’re with someone special. 353 more words

Year Of Fear

Make your dreams a reality

I can hardly fathom the right words to describe the woman that I call “Grannie V?”

There are so many memories I want to share; moments of love, laughter, odd questions, absolutely baffling statements or events, motivation, care, inspiration and more. 565 more words

Year Of Fear

Fight to Stand-up

I have sat on this post for about 2-weeks because I could not figure out the best way to communicate my adventure. The main thing that held me back from posting was that I didn’t think I really experienced “Fear” in this event. 812 more words

Year Of Fear

Test your strength

Anyone who knows me knows that fitness has been a huge part of my life, forever! (I also LOVE food so it balances right?? HAHA) 245 more words

Year Of Fear


Today for Year of Fear I am working to organize a trash clean-up.

A podcast I listened to recently talked about procrastination and explained that often times procrastination is to our advantage. 424 more words

Year Of Fear


I speak therefore I create. And I create forgiveness and growth!

(There is a mixed definition, however, a linguistic specialist at MIT was quoted as stating it’s an Aramaic phrase meaning “I speak therefore I create” – meaning what I speak into this universe is created.) 577 more words

Year Of Fear