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February 12th

Day 43

Today I am thankful that my test results were able to get to me before the long weekend (because that would have been added stress my body and mind didn’t need…) and I am thankful to have two of my best girlfriends at my home to visit for the weekend. 63 more words


February 11th

Day 42

I forgot a moment yesterday that I was thankful for so I am going to use it today. I had a client of mine be very appreciative of my help and say she recommended me to someone else because I was “awesome”. 44 more words


February 10th

Day 41

Today I am thankful that I had the strength to carry through the whole day. That my life is not so hectic that when I feel like I’m about to break down, that I can keep going. 23 more words


February 9th

Day 40

So the next few days should be interesting – today I guess I am thankful for the speedy health care system there is in Canada and in the town I’m in. 57 more words


February 8th

Day 39

Tonight was going alright, then I kind of got a bomb dropped on me. So it’s hard to come up with something to be thankful for right at this moment. 81 more words


February 7th

Day 38

I am thankful I have the opportunity to learn new things this past weekend – my job allows me these opportunities even when they are very tiresome. 13 more words


February 5th

Day 36

I am thankful for 2 minute phone conversations.

Sometimes that’s all you get, and that’s all you need.

Gratitude for little things, it’s amazing how each moment can be more precious when we actually appreciate them. Yay gratitude.

–Natalie Blayne