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April 11th and 12th

Day 102 & 103

Been a couple crazy days at work, but yesterday I was thankful to attend my 2nd painting class, I thought it went pretty well! 131 more words


April 7th

Day 98

I have much to be thankful for today. The warm weather, which allowed me to go for another walk in the evening, as well as a drive during sunset, which was beautiful. 71 more words


April 5th and 6th

Day 96 and 97

So it’s been a buys two days at work, but I am thankful that my new coworker started and my other coworker is back from a week of holidays. 69 more words


March 31st

Day 91

Okay going to try and get back into this daily… wow I can’t believe it’s the last day of March, kind of snuck up on me, but at the same time the next few months are going to be long and crazy I think… so that’s okay! 83 more words


March 19th and 20th

 Day 79 & 80

Well it wasn’t the weekend I planned, but might have been the weekend I needed. I am really debating making some major changes in my life. 124 more words


March 17th

Day 77

Today’s kind of a tough one to be honest. Didn’t feel super productive and I have a lot on my mind about a certain situation at the moment. 67 more words


March 16th

Day 76

I am thankful for poutine! (If you’re from Canada you know what I’m talking about ;) ..)

I was craving one for over a week, and finally tonight had one with some Wednesday wings.. 83 more words