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A dragon once guarded a spring. It was a sacred dragon but, as tends to be the way in Greek mythology – and in modern life – no matter how sacred the creature, it will be slain. 790 more words

The Rattle Bag

Year of the Sad Avi

Year of the Dragon

Nadine 107, David 91, Yedidya 78, Nisan 72, Avi 64

First play for Yedidya and Nisan; Avi played once almost exactly a year ago… 487 more words

Session Reports

Critical Fix to "Withering Flame" file! Read if you bought the book!

Hi folks, a little bit of an emergency update. If you bought the “Withering Flame”, you’ve probably noticed that from Chapter VII it’s all in italics. 122 more words


the year of the goat

the year of the goat
Author: Exclusive on Freepik
License: You can use the year of the goat for personal use.
For commercial use pls Make sure reading the license of this vector file… 25 more words

The Withering Flame Amazon Pre-Order is Go!

I promised and promised, and looks like I am finally about to deliver! I have finished the final draft of the Withering Flame, sent it off for proof-reading, and set up an exclusive pre-order on Amazon. 172 more words


Ancient Awesomeness - Spyro the Dragon Trilogy – A Timeless Gem

On our last installment of Ancient Awesomeness, we took a look back at the underrated PS2 game Dirge Of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. Whereas I stand by this game’s hidden gems, I think it’s time for us to take a look back at a game that’s not only older; but is also widely accepted as one of the greatest trilogies of its time –the ORIGINAL… 1,900 more words

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