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The Weird and Wonderful Characters of Spyro: Year of the Dragon

1.     The Cloud Spires. These creatures have a very strange appearance as for they have the wings of a fairy, the face of a bear and large spikes on their head not to mention the extremely creepy wide eyed stare they give which personally makes me think they’re on Meth. 549 more words

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Perma-free on Amazon, 2015 version

Perma-free is a controversial method of getting your work out there, but it still works as a promo tool for some, especially if you have a series of books. 833 more words


Daughter - A Poem for Chinese New Year


‘You. Are a daughter of the dragon.’ My Chinese godmother’s beam at me.

 Standing awkwardly in my Cheongsam.

They feed me soft, sweet longevity buns, 192 more words


What's On My Mind Wednesday #6: Seasonal Sneakers

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to this blog. I was with my family over Christmas and had a couple of assignments I wanted to take care of during my time off from Uni. 491 more words


Writer's anime - unblocking the block

Draft Two of “The Withering Flame” is now happily done, and I finally have a little time to rest and write the blog.

There was a point earlier this year where things didn’t seem going in that direction at all. 810 more words


Y is for... Year of the Dragon

Let me start out by explaining that when I decided to do Year of the Dragon, I had high hopes. Okay, yes, part of me was just happy I had found an action movie that began with “Y,” but then I saw the names attached to it, like director Michael Cimino, and co-writer Oliver Stone. 3,736 more words

Y Is For...

Babies Galore!

Perhaps, darling, it’s just my awareness due to my own being a soon-to-be parent, but everyone is having babies these days. Some have even had surprise babies — a sudden reappearance from a trip with a baby in arms. 108 more words