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Spyro Trilogy Is Being Remastered for PlayStation 4 This Year Report Says

The Spyro trilogy was reported to be announced as a remastered game, much like Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, this year in March. 296 more words


From Dragon To Rabbit (I'm Finally Accepting It)

All my life I thought I was a Dragon.

All my life I thought I was born under the Year of the Dragon 🐉, until someone popped that bubble thought 8 years ago… She told me that Chinese New Year starts mid-February, and since I was born on the month of January, I’m a Rabbit 🐇.

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Spyro the Dragon PS1 Trilogy Review


+ Wide range of unique and beautiful worlds

+ Oodles of collectables

+ Easy to pick up and play

+ Charming art style and soundtrack… 678 more words


Spyro: Is This the Year of the Dragon's Remaster?

With a less-than-brilliant reboot starring David Spade as a super-annoying Sparx, and an even less appealing resurgence in the form of the Skylanders series, Spyro, everyone’s favourite little purple dragon, hasn’t had much luck in recent years. 546 more words



It’s all in your head…

What this world wants is for you to fail…

We are so fearful of what “might” happen, that we block out something so innocent, but the world has made it a fearful, damning, awful type things. 381 more words

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Appreciate a Dragon Day!

Happy Appreciate a Dragon Day. I truly do appreciate dragons. Not only have a few appeared in my feature MazeToons but there are also a couple in my books “Myths and Monsters: 50 Mazes for Kids.  47 more words


Thank you from RCEC.

2018 begins with this reflection, and perspective.

5 years ago Woodchuck aka Robert Kuck III and I created an event that is known as Shred The Ledge, and a group called RCEC. 275 more words

Radio Controlled East Coast