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ESKIMEAUX - " Power "


This Sunday is Valentine’s Day which makes Eskimeaux’s new single sound extremely appropriate in a deeply fucked way. “Power” explores the inevitable power play that surfaces when you realize that you’re deeply bonded to someone. 201 more words


eskimeaux - "power"

eskimeaux’s o.k. was one of our favorite albums of 2015, and it appears gabrielle smith has more gas in the tank.  a new mini-album, year of the rabbit,  48 more words


The start of a wonderfully corny year

With the Year of the Monkey already here, as so often happens at this time, I miss my Chinese friends. So, I thought I’d share some memories of the most fabulous Chinese New Year I’ve ever had – one which marked the start of a pretty amazing year for me, 2011.

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Personal Reflections

the year of the goat

the year of the goat
Author: Exclusive on Freepik
License: You can use the year of the goat for personal use.
For commercial use pls Make sure reading the license of this vector file… 25 more words

Cover Comparison: Cave In & Year Of The Rabbit (The Cure)- Plainsong

For some reason I’ve been in the mood to listen to The Cure a lot as of late. Which got me thinking about all the covers of Cure songs out there. 26 more words

Cover Thursday

The Year of the Rabbit

For some reason, rabbits have been hopping into my life lately. Pun intended. They’ve been running around my yard, I‘ve read about them in stories and I even had one for dinner; that’s as a meal: not a guest. 866 more words

Fine Dining

Interview: National Skyline

Well, colour me surprised, because one of my fave musicians of all time, Jeff Garber, kindly agreed for this interview. I grew up listening to many of the bands he performed but my clear fave has always been… 1,545 more words