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Prince Dobalob Builds a Zeppelin (Part Twelve)

Some of you already know Garibaldi Rous from Capybara Madness. Dobby has fallen in love with Gari’s friend, Sylvia, and we get to know her better this time. 2,657 more words


Monkey Businessmen

Halfway through the Sheep Month, and yin water above yin earth –in the form of rain-induced flooding and otherwise– has continued to manifest itself in various places around the world: 1,112 more words

That Time I Had to Destroy Rat City

This house we’re living in was built in 1915. It’s the first house either of us have ever owned, my wife and I. Despite the leaky basement and the deteriorating kitchen cabinets – maybe because – we felt like we’d made a good decision, still do. 1,196 more words


What Do Capybaras Eat?

Capybaras are grazing animals, like deer. In their natural habitat, they eat grass, water plants, grass, a few small shrubs, and more grass. Sometimes they sneak onto farms and steal some corn. 313 more words


Beavers: the Second Largest Rodent

Beavers deserve a lot more respect than they usually get. I suspect the rodent thing works against them, as usual. The tail is ridiculous, there’s no doubt about that. 132 more words

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Prince Dobalob Builds a Zeppelin (Part Eleven)

Dobby left the Principality, damaged his roadster, and is visiting at his friend Gari’s beachfront villa. Visions of Sylvia return with increased frequency. 2,911 more words


Year of the Unicorn

There’s lots of stuff about the Year of the Metal Rat on the Chinese zodiac, and when I say there’s lots of stuff what I mean is there’s pages and pages of stuff on the search engines!  484 more words

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