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Good Deed Journal for 2018

A guide to a positive year through a Good deed Journal for a month. 

  1. Smile at everyone for a whole day, even if they’re strangers. A smile to someone might help brighten their day and also yours.
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New Year

Free of crutch

Free of excuse

Free of fear

I enter the new year

Trials past, yet still near

I give myself this time to, first, rest and heal… 357 more words


on Inspiration

January, 2018

Inspiration. Its whats on my mind this wild wonderful Winter.  Honestly,  its what’s always on my mind.  As an Artist, inspiration is the fire to my soul; what keeps me joyful, enlivened and vibrant.  263 more words


What do you do when you need to let go?

Having worked through my 20:18 exercise, one of my newsletter subscribers emailed me:

‘… I’ve found it really useful to look back on last year and draft a plan for this year. 526 more words

"Don't Break the Chain"

Jerry Seinfeld wanted to be better comic. Better comics have better jokes, and better jokes come from writing every day. To motivate himself to write everyday, he put a calendar on the wall and made a big red X each day he wrote jokes. 145 more words


Year 2017

It’s a little late for this post but the usual holiday laziness kept me busy and made me postpone writing this post. 😁

This post is going to be the countdown of my most favorite memories of 2017. 1,369 more words


A Note on Presence

Dear whomever,

Holy moly, I cannot believe that it’s already over two weeks into the new year. Like many folks, I know the new year is a structured time to pause and reflect more than usual. 777 more words