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What a difference a year makes.

As I’m laying in my bed procrastinating all the work and studying accompanied with the last two weeks of the semester, I curiously wandered onto my blog and went through my archives. 345 more words


I’ll be on vacation for a few weeks. See you then with new and exciting posts!


50 Year Mortgage

As of late, the 50 year contract enters the business sector with a blast. It began on San Bernardino of Southern California. Presently, a modest bunch of home loan moneylenders offer this home loan alternative. 461 more words

Real Estate

Parenting and the Primary Years - Rewards Work!

My parents were not social progressives when it came to discipline and raising their children. As a kid, especially in my primary years, when I stepped out of line my dad would call me over for a one on one conversation. 837 more words


I can’t believe its already May! Didn’t this year just start?

I took a long break, April was a month of vacation for me. But I’m ready to dive back in. 81 more words