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I think I’m about to change this blog site a bit. Another direction is what it takes! I’m not quite sure how but it feels like it’s time for something else. 97 more words

Why, hello there.

Hello there happy people! This is my blog dedicated to sharing my musical interests with you. I may pop a dance or two into the blog because why not? 22 more words


Can a Black Go a Year Without Being Reminded of His Race?

Today, June 30, 2015, I plan to start an experiment.   Is it possible to go an entire year without being reminded of being black?  My goal is to document every day’s event to determine if I can escape reading or hearing about race in the news for an extended period of time.   132 more words

Being Black

The year of Karol: January (Chapter 1)

Why am I so different? How the hell should I know! But I certainly feel like that. No, I am not that-weirdo-that-always-talks-to-the-birds type. Although I can see why you would think that. 167 more words