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NAN - 082 - Preparation - Due tomorrow

Plan for one of the challenge questions on the assessment for tomorrow.

What ghost story conventions are built and how do they build tension?

How does the use sentence length and sentence openings build tension?


NAN - 081/082 - Sheet - Due Monday/Tuesday

Complete the sheet you have been given.

Attached is a copy in case you lose it.

The levels are on the sheet.

inferring and interpreting hl


NAN - 082 - Ghost Display - Due Monday 11th

Create a piece of display work that shows off VCOP and is based around ghost stories.


London Philharmonic Orchestra

This week, 25 year 7, 8 and 9 students made their way to the Royal Festival Hall to see the London Philharmonic Orchestra perform. We all had a lovely day and were so pleased to hear some wonderful music performed live, including the fabulous James Bond Theme and some beautiful music by Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Amazing "Complementary colors portraits" !!

Time for “portraits”!!!

Here you have some of the portraits of year 8A students. I’ll put more in a few days!



Death in the Afternoon

It’s a cocktail, made with Absinthe, but it has nothing on Year 8’s fruity cocktails made this morning. No tequila in sight, but Tej made one which looked very like it out of coke and ginger (I think). 142 more words