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8En3 Persuade me not to set home-learning SRA Due Thursday 18th June

We have briefly covered the basic persuasive features that are used in persuasive writing and, as a starting point, I’d like to see how persuasive you can be. 65 more words


NAN - 082 - Spellings - Due Monday 22nd

Pick 10 corrected spellings from your work books. Learn them and bring them in so that you can be tested on them on Monday.


NAN - 081/082 - 100 word story - Due Monday 15th

Write your 100 word story on the sheet given to you – one word per box.

Do not write your home address on it.

Try to vary to punctuation and use some complex vocabulary.


8En3 Design a skills task Due Weds 10th June

Set yesterday:

Choose either varying sentence structures or varying punctuation for effect (whichever one you need to work on most).

Create a task that will help you practise, revise and improve the way you use either skill. 30 more words


NAN - 082 - Speech - Due Thursday 11th

Take home your speech to improve – focus on spellings and persuasive techniques.

You could get your parent’s opinion – on the topic or the standard of your work.


NAN - 081/082 - Speech - Due Tues 9th/ Mon 8th

Find a speech and highlight the PERSUADE techniques that you find

Power of three

Emotive language

Rhetorical question

Say it again

Undermine the opposition


Direct address



NAN - 082 - Preparation - Due tomorrow

Plan for one of the challenge questions on the assessment for tomorrow.

What ghost story conventions are built and how do they build tension?

How does the use sentence length and sentence openings build tension?