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Wild Yeast, Fruit Water Yeast Bread

I follow Elaine@foodbod’  both her blog and other social media outlets like Instagram, lately she has been cultivating her own wild yeast and making the most amazing bread, I have been so intrigued and inspired to try her recipe. 746 more words

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Cooking From Scratch: King Arthur's Crusty White Bread - It's Magic Bread

I found this little recipe on the King Arthur Website. It is the easiest white bread recipe I have found. No kneading, no mixer, not much work, one bowl, one skillet, and it tastes like you worked for hours — it is like magic. 18 more words

Honey Whole Wheat Bread

This Honey Whole Wheat bread is a simple no-fail recipe.

I have tried many bread recipes ( and even have posted one before ), but I have made this bread several times and it never fails to come out beautifully. 492 more words

Basic Brioche: This Is Not Hard. You Can Do It

Bioche is so beautiful it seems intimidating to a new baker, but believe me, it is not hard.  There are several steps, and it takes some time, but it is worth the little bit of trouble. 39 more words

Country Crust Bread

This is the first bread I ever learned to make.  I was in college, and living in an 8-plex with a roommate in one of the 2 bedroom units.  939 more words

My First Baguette. You Can Do It, Too.

I had always believed you couldn’t not make authentic French bread in a home oven, but boy was I wrong.  I learned the simple truck of making that wonderful crusty bread from Julia Child.   16 more words

Pita Bread

This is the second recipe in the Lebanese cuisine theme. It is the classic and most popular dish – the pita. The Pita is a leavened bread made with all purpose flour. 652 more words

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