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The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg, M.D., and Zoë François: Reviewed by Da Al Praderas


Happy bread day to me! Happy bread day to meeee!

Tango gatherings are social in the best way, often involving potlucks. When a dance mate brought a yeast-raised loaf still warm from her home oven and proceeded to describe how easily she’d baked it, I ran to get the book she’d gotten the recipe from. Continue Reading…

Book Review

Cooking From Scratch: Soft and Tender Dinner Rolls or Slider Buns

These dinner rolls are light, tender and so, so delicious Make them for dinner, or a little bigger for your slider snacks. Either way, they may be the best bread you have ever made. 64 more words

Six Braid Challah, for Beginners

Challah is the traditional Jewish bread, and everybody I know loves it. Not only is it beautiful, it has a wonderful taste and texture. This is something you make when you want to show off a little. 82 more words

Cooking From Scratch: White Bread by Julia Child's Recipe

This bread is a little different and so very special, just like Julia Child. The buttery flavor makes this bread a cut above and cooing it in cast iron makes the color and crust just perfect. Give it a try.

Floury Baps

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Floury baps evolved over time for me.  There are so many recipes to make and so many variations on the same item – like the baps – there has to be something special to make me go back and try something a second time. 713 more words

Pigs in a Blanket

One of the items in the goodie bag I bought and posted about a bit ago from The King Street Market was a package of beef franks. 437 more words


Olive Thyme Baguette

I could live on bread and cheese.  With apples and grapes thrown in. During the summer, the hottest weather (my favorite time of year, the hotter the better) that’s what I eat a lot of the time – some kind of bread, cheese sometimes, grapes and apples, water with ice and maybe some lemon.  673 more words