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I feel like time has flown by lately! At least more than it normally does. This is likely due to the fact that May is a very busy month for us. 555 more words


First Farmers' Market - Frigid Temps = Bake a Loaf of Bread

Making my way to the Lyndale Farmers’ Market last Saturday for my first visit was fun. The wind and the temps were in the 30s Fahrenheit. 347 more words

Slow Food And Art In The Kitchen


     We ate them with butter right out of the oven.  You can dip them in flavored olive oil.  We made sandwiches, and I made the most delicious Bruschetta. 174 more words


KAF says, “Italy’s light-textured ciabatta bread, with its overnight starter and long rises, develops wonderful flavor. Translated to rolls, ciabatta becomes the perfect vehicle for an overstuffed sandwich. 753 more words

No Knead to Thank Me

Subtly Pumpernickel No-Knead Bread

What makes bread rise, you ask?  Yeast farts.  Yeast farts and love, my friends, yeast farts and love.  That magical fermentation reaction is what sets the texture of yeast breads far apart from that of quick breads and cakes.   1,075 more words

Easy Lemon & Walnut Bread Recipe

This taste soooo good that it lasts about only 2 days in my house. I recommend having it with tea in the morning before anything. Yum Yum Yum!!!!   161 more words


Homemade Split Tin Bread Recipe

This bread is very good for breakfast and also a good alternative to the baguette in sandwiches in my opinion. The ingredients are easy to find in any home and anyone can do this anytime of the day. 143 more words