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Ellen's Easy Wheat Bread: Scrumptious Yeast Bread in an Hour

My friend Ellen is an accomplished baker, and this is her go to recipe for her family’s bread. I am so glad she allowed me to make this for you. 85 more words

Fluffy White Bread: Where I Stumble and Bumble My Way Through Making The Perfect Loaf of Bread

I truly am a bread making novice, but I decided that this is the year I master yeast bread. Join me as I learn this ancient art. 70 more words

Bacon-Onion Spiral Bread and Vermont Cheddar Grilled Cheese

Does this sound delicious, or what? I mean a bacon and onion filling inside  the bread, then the bread is paired with delicious Vermont cheddar and bread and butter pickles for a special grilled cheese.  748 more words


Honey Bread

To get all emotional about it, to me, this bread tastes like home.  I don’t know why.  I believe it’s a very old recipe, passed down through generations and of course, adapted here and there to fit modern technology. 362 more words


An overnight white bread

This week I’ve been re-balancing my routine, and even though I’m not working a lot of hours at the moment, I feel so busy! I’ve been to the gym every day, gone on a long walk or two with the bean (aka the dog), plus my usual volunteering and buzzing about. 823 more words

Lunch + Dinner

Christmas Morning Breakfast

I’m not sure about you, but Christmas morning at my house is utter mayhem. With two eager boys wanting to see what Santa brought and what Grandma sent, breakfast is the last thing I can focus on. 796 more words



You saw the dough and mention of Stollen in my last post so here is the finished product and this is a fantastic recipe. I will be honest, I had my doubts, the dough doesn’t get puffy, it feels quite heavy and dense and struggles to double in bulk but the end product is wonderfully light, rich with butter and egg, just the right amount of boozy fruit and nuts, it’s a keeper,  almost too easy, when we make bread it can be laborious, lots of steps well this bread is so easy to make so few steps and result is amazing. 649 more words