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Bake This Sunny Day Challah and Home

“All bread is the bread of heaven, her father used to say. It expresses the will of God to sustain us in this flesh, in this life. 1,538 more words

Yeast Breads

Tuesdays with Dorie BWJ: Pita Breads

Homemade Pita Breads are something that wouldn’t normally be on my baking radar.  I admit that most pitas from the grocery store are half-stale and fall apart when I split them, but I do live within walking distance of a shop called Damascus Bakery, where I can (and do often) get great pitas that are fresh made.  225 more words


Pesto Pine Nut Bread and Eudora Welty

In the style of Sesame Street, for lit geeks like myself, this Monday is brought to you by: Eudora Welty and two full French Press carafes of coffee. 675 more words

Yeast Breads

August Beginnings


I noticed something the other day about me. Not exactly an epiphanic moment, just a coincidence. Or maybe not. Either way, it seems my life has a tendency towards august beginnings. 1,182 more words


Peach Ginger Rosemary Brown Betty makes brioche flop much better

An anticipated bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich ended up as a Peach Brown Betty, and it really wasn’t a bad ending. It did begin somewhat sadly for Steve, who had fussed over his buttery brioche dough for two days before it all went wrong in the oven.  384 more words


Quinoa Bread

All the time that I would spend coming up with some clever drivel to write here I conscientiously divert to the husband who has been gone for six weeks. 174 more words

Yeast Breads

Garlic Knots

‘Sup, peeps?

See what I’ve been up to?

Garlic Knots.

They look pretty awesome, right? I made quite a few.

I mean, a LOT.  As in, I had to throw them all in a great big gallon size Ziploc bag to store them. 516 more words