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Blueberry and macadamia yoghurt bark

I had a good and proper bout of Mondayitis today. I used to get it weekly when I worked in the corporate world because I never wanted to go back to the office on Monday, but it’s very rare it happens now that I’m studying what I love. 443 more words

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Sweet pastry or teething biscuits

Makes two 12″ pie bases, forty 3 x 1″ biscuits or if rolled into finger rusks.


1 1/2 Cup rice flour

1 1/2 Cup corn flour… 171 more words

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Calcium booster drink for baby & toddlers

Carob rice milk

2 serves – serve size = 150mL

Each serve has approx 263.1 mg or
> 50% RDI of calcium for toddlers
. 153 more words

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Baby breakfast oats, and silliness

2-5 Tbsp. with 3-8 Tbsp of any milk, water or juice.

I try to prepare a bowl the day before so it soaks overnight. 930 more words

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Banana pancakes


Pancakes can feel like such an indulgent treat, but depending on your choice of ingredients they can also make a wholesome and nourishing breakfast….. or snack as is often the case for me. 448 more words

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Chocolate layered mousse cake



200g almond meal (or finely desiccated coconut if nutfree)

100g brown sugar

200ml coconut cream (cream only from 400ml  can)

2Tbsp. Nuttelex 156 more words

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