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Compost Cocktail

My compost smells of booze and coffee.

Stand-alone violas do look well. I guess I was right.

I’m always right. Except when I’m not.

I can’ tell if the Spring Green tulips are fully bloomed yet. 408 more words

Gluten Free

I’m a curry fiend, always have been, always will be. Some days I really miss a fluffy, buttery paratha, ideal for curry scooping! That’s one thing I’ve never gotten over – not finding good, chapattis or parathas that are both dairy and gluten free, sure there are lots that are vegan but both is hard to find, and yeast free makes it harder.

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By Dint of Diversity

Scroll down for my clarified water recipe.

I was joking, please stop.

Cootchie-cootchie-coo, you’ll die back soon.

The heatwave, well, warmer spell has arrived, Dear Reader. 503 more words

Gluten Free

Allium Free Chicken Curry

“Should I carefully ad” ALL IN THE PAN!

And partly over the hob, on yourself, Dear Reader I’m a messy cook at times. At all times really. 659 more words

Gluten Free

INVASION POST! Chicken & Cabbage Summer Stew

Confession: I’m not Sarah. I’m The Bestie, also known as Niamh or Noodle, and I’m taking over her blog for a meal. I have a much neglected blog about sewing… 854 more words

Dairy Free

Gluten Free Millionaire Shortbread

During last years Great British Bake Off the lovely people at Doisy & Dam asked if I could collaborate with them and come up with a recipe that incorporated their yummy chocolate. 542 more words

Gluten Free

We Are All In The Sump

But some of us are looking at the stars. Sorry Oscar.

Roughly treated and doubled transplanted after a rescue, but it bloomed!

Next year these will be beautiful, they’re pretty great even now. 511 more words

Gluten Free