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Quinoa Flour Crepes

I did neglect to remove the pan from the heat when pouring, but they’re fine.

New recipes often need a few factors to appear. The biggest is whether or not I want it currently or if I can fit it into my meal plan. 275 more words

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It Came from the Garden

Wild Summer Flowers in a globe.

So, dear reader of mine, I often see comments in the vein of: There needs to be more garden posts, please give us more. 694 more words

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Microwave Quinoa Flour Mug Cake

This is silly amounts of work for a microwave cake, but it’s good.

Okay, first things first, dear reader. Though brain and I reached a worthwhile consensus on the procurement of cake, brain decided that we should shove the mixture into a single mug and yeah, don’t do that. 453 more words

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Banana Mango Curry Sauce

Preparation is key. Only the best prep will make a delicious banango curry.

Sure, I should call this Mango Banana as the mango is in greater quantities than the banana, but the banana has a stronger taste presence. 1,305 more words

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Japanese Delinquent Gardening

Look there, I type whilst gesturing at the screen. Purple potatoes starting.

Apparently I’ve adopted what’s known as yanki zuwari in my gardening. You can safely Google that, let me just double ch…yeah you’re fine. 1,168 more words

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Studied Stupidity

Is this even real or Is this just an elaborate prank on Jack?

What? You think that yours truly, Jack the ever audacious, is faking?! You think I do know what I’m doing and have been learning. 684 more words

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Quinoa Flour Savoury Waffles

I’ve yet to try the novelty plates.

Ah, dear reader, welcome to Jack’s Mansion of Waffles! That’s all the waffle jokes I’ve got. Yeah, back with yet another flour and another couple of waffles. 361 more words

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