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Icy Buds

Parsley and stolen Thyme. Come back next year you two.

No, no, I meant frost on the budding flowers. Yes, we are buds, but I…okay, yes. 424 more words

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One Hundred and Twelve Days

No, Jack is not creatively bankrupt! How dare you, here I am artistically listing the days that have passed since my surgery and…okay, yes, I couldn’t think of anything clever to say, but it is strange to imagine that it’s only been sixteen weeks. 550 more words

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Pecan Butter

I have to write about nut butter? It’s nutty and buttery. Done.

Ah, the humble pecan. That…er…what is a pecan, besides a nut? I’ll Google it, but later. 474 more words

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Tootin' Roots

Lowering the tone of the blog one root at a time.

I’ve been excavating, dear reader, rummaging in the soil for roots. You may remember my mystery artichokes, which it was decided were probably Jerusalem Artichokes, or Sunchokes. 458 more words

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Nightshade Substitutions You Might Not Have Tried

Dear reader, you know my tendency when discussing fairly common themes like substitutions to descend into snarky flippancy, right? Yeah, have no fear I’m as sardonic as ever! 1,188 more words

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Parsnip? No, That's An Albino Carrot

Two nut jars, five curry paste jars and a partridge in a pear tree.

People often say to me, they say Jack…well, actually they don’t because that’s just my Nome de plume, but they say to me, okay they don’t say anything, I’m justĀ  running out of ways to start these posts. 510 more words

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Counting The Days Until The Rest Of My Life

Different eggs seems to yield different Peanut Butter Cookies.

Jack can wax poetic occasionally, can’t he? I’m back, dear reader, to once again divest the breast of it’s burden, to let loose the bundle of troubles…okay, I’ll stop. 867 more words

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