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Tomato Basil Grilled Cheese

Mondays have a worldwide tendency of being extremely sucky. Who knows why – because, seriously, the argument that it’s the day on which you still have the largest amount of work just doesn’t cut it for me. 410 more words


Kamut Amaranth Bread

Allergies are on the rise. So many people have wheat and dairy allergies these days, but some of us have to stay away from wheat, dairy, sugar and yeast!  473 more words


Worst dinner guest ever...

So I am the worst dinner guest ever and the reason for this is I am one of those annoying people that has food intolerances! 1,350 more words

Inconsistently Consistent

Macadamia milk and salted caramel bites

By now it’s probably becoming quite obvious that I have a thing for macadamias. Indeed I do! They are of course extremely delicious and I have always loved them, it would almost be un-Australian not to (unless you’re intolerant or allergic), but largely my using macadamias in many of my recipes is due to histamine intolerance. 871 more words

Dairy Free

Crudessence: Nacho Supreme, Pesto Lasagna, Om Burger

My visit to Crudessence, a few years ago, was my first experience eating raw food. It took me some time to bite the bullet and make the decision to go, because the concept of raw food was pretty foreign to me. 882 more words


Grain-Free Deliciously Crispy Quinoa Pizza Crust

Oh my goodness, I have just stumbled upon a Friday night delight that actually makes me feel like I am not missing out on some #fatfriday action! 479 more words



Ahhh, the title says it all really. This is a simple recipe for biscuits. I used gluten, yeast and dairy free ingredients, because IBS and stuff, but really, just substitute in all the gluten yeast and dairy you like if that’s not an issue for you, there’s no judgement here, and real butter is tasty as heck. 315 more words