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Just Lift The Pot and No

A little pale, perhaps due to its very early start?

I admit these won’t be the exciting and thrilling content that you’re surely familiar with here, heh, truth be told I do know they’re not exactly stellar content, they’re really just write ups to wind-down after a days going in the garden. 670 more words

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That Fateful February Day

A Jack in his natural habitat: Dirt.

Looks good after a turn, weeding and raking.

It feels as if there’s always this kind of day in February, when the sun is shining and you can really feel the heat. 748 more words

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Jack Vs Johnnies! Onion Planting

Okay, I have to admit that there is snarky part of me that really wants to tear into those copy and pasted guides that purport that they, and they alone, will impart the ultimate way to grow perfect onions, but I’m bigger than that. 1,111 more words

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One Sudsy Greenhouse

The Spring is nearing, it’s getting warmer.

The roses are fed.

You know, Dear Reader, I often the need to frame these posts a special way. 731 more words

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I’ve been crying my eyes out looking for a store bought, ranch dressing that doesn’t have ingredients I’m allergic to in them. My friends told me it’s much cheaper to make your own food AND you know what’s going into your body better that way. 57 more words


Yes, you can have bread!!!! It’s cheaper just to make and freeze your own sandwich bread.

Substitute vinegar with lemon juice and you can add a couple drops of stevia to sweeten. 17 more words


Filling In The Blanks

I finally remember to take a replacement photo of my Almond Curry.

I still get very angry at the mess that Photobucket caused with their greed. 1,141 more words

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