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Blender Mayonnaise

Is this mayonnaise?

Dear reader, I have a confession. I-I…I’ve always wondered what mayonnaise tasted like. Seriously, I’ve never eaten it before. I’ve never eaten a lot of foods, many of which I never will. 508 more words

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Walnut Raisin Bread

I love this because it is yeast free. It isn’t quite sugar free but I’m still tweaking the recipe. This is my third iteration and it has worked twice. 252 more words

Step Up Into The Greenhouse

Photos were taken on 23rd June, but the post is scheduled. This, hopefully, clears up time-paradoxes.

The garden is going wild brother!  No? This isn’t my style? 662 more words

Gluten Free

Cashew "Cheesy" Black Bean & Broccoli Bake

My kids harass me on a regular basis for mac and cheese, but because I am allergic to dairy I can no longer indulge in the nostalgia (it was literally the first food I ever cooked on my own as a child…I remember feeling so proud!).   337 more words


Smooth Jams and Produce's Purpose

Geranium, squash adjacent.

We’re going on a meandering maunder, a purposeless pontification, I am Jack of all the words. You are Reader the Dearest. Today we talk of food, grub, victuals, provisions, of the thing we all need. 1,318 more words

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Raspberry Jelly

There’s no waste as the pulp went into the compost

I’m still learning how to properly make Jam, dear reader, but I think at this stage I’m willing to share a recipe with you and I feel confident that you’ll have success with it. 879 more words

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Playing With Pictures

A bonus post today, dear reader, I’ve finally bought a new camera. A bridge camera, to be used exclusively on bridges. No? Okay, I’m know, it’s what I’ve been looking for for a while. 210 more words

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