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Sugar, Silent Seductive Killer

Can sugar be a silent seductive killer? Absolutely! With a lower intake of sugar, the probability of living a longer, healthier life are greatly increased by reducing health factors related to sugar consumption. 975 more words


Orchard St


I don’t remember the first time I heard about Orchard St, but when I got there it was definitely love at first sight. I do remember that my first visit was to their Bondi store to grab a few juices and smoothies for a road trip up North, then a little while later I discovered their Paddington outlet and I now consider it my ‘local’ <3 …It’s that awesome little nook out the back where you can hide away from the world with a coffee or smoothie that sucked me in! 924 more words

Dairy Free

Procrastinators Paleo Dinner

Today I woke up with big plans. One being, that I wanted to try streaming a Periscope demonstration. Okay, Okay, I chickened out a little.  I hung out with my friend procrastination instead. 799 more words


Working on a Cleanse and Day 2

Working on a Cleanse.

Today was my first day back at work on the cleanse. I’ve not really got the hang of getting out of bed early enough to eat a proper breakfast, or preparing snacks properly. 460 more words


Prelude and Day 1


I’ve been slowly shifting towards the Candida Diet over Christmas. It was probably the worst time to start a transition because when I went home to my mum’s house, it was full of chocolate, and mince pies, and all those other high sugar, yeast-containing devil foods. 517 more words


Candida Can Do

The Candida Lifestyle is not easy. I have a forbidden cupboard. Full of food I can’t eat, but won’t throw out. Isn’t that crazy? I crave sugar like mad. 115 more words


Happy New Yeast

This month has been hell. It started out with leaving our church of 3 years then I got a staph infection which meant 10 days of high power antibiotics. 396 more words

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