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Yeast Infection Infographic

Natural Remedies for a Yeast Infection Infographic

I created this infographic for MedicinalPlantsZone.com

Be sure to go to Faith Davis’ website, MedicinalPlantsZone.com and her Herb Blog… 12 more words


Is It a UTI...or Something Else?

Yeast infections can occur due to increased sexual activity, infections, colds, and tight clothing. They may also be passed from partner to partner and affect both genders. 229 more words

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I want it formally announced that I’m not trying to start a pity party.

I am not self centered (well, not TOO much :P)

I want to help others with all of the misinformation on the internet about Candida… 124 more words

Yeasty? BV? Stick Half a Garlic Clove in There G'Dang It

Vaginal irritations affect literally everyone (do not call them infections, that is basically proclaiming you have vaginal leprosy, due to poor public knowledge of everything located between our legs). 336 more words


Log: May 26 + 27 (Tue + Wed) Medical worries

May 26 (Tue):  Therapy 8:30a; Work 10:30a – 5:30p;
May 27 (Wed): Primary care dr appt 11a; Work 1:15p – 5:30p; 891 more words


Ovulation mucus? I thought it was a monthly yeast infection!

Are you of the school of thought that any discharge that comes out of your nether regions is a sign of a yeast infection?  Well sit down, because I have some news for you! 445 more words

3 Natural Vaginal Yeast Infection Home Remedies to Get Instant Relief From This Infection

Many sufferers are looking for vaginal yeast infection home remedies because they do not want to get any bad side effects from using their chemical medication. 512 more words

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