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Ovulation mucus? I thought it was a monthly yeast infection!

Are you of the school of thought that any discharge that comes out of your nether regions is a sign of a yeast infection?  Well sit down, because I have some news for you! 445 more words

3 Natural Vaginal Yeast Infection Home Remedies to Get Instant Relief From This Infection

Many sufferers are looking for vaginal yeast infection home remedies because they do not want to get any bad side effects from using their chemical medication. 512 more words

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The fungus called Candida albicans, is the biggest culprit in causing yeast infections which affect many women the world over. The most common kind of yeast infections are vaginal yeast infections. 473 more words

The Yeast Rash That Comes With Cefdinir in Babies

When Tristen was a baby he could have cared less about wearing a dirty diaper. It was nothing to him. There were days when hours would go by and I would suddenly realize I didn’t remember when the last time I had changed his diaper was. 781 more words

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Real Talk: Yeast Infections (gross details)

Yeah, I get it, it’s gross. But it’s something that every woman will experience in her life whether she likes it or not.

Some guys might even get it. 766 more words

Yeast Infection

Cheater Attractor.

The other day Nerd boy calls me up, like 20 minutes before I’m about to leave for my evening activities (not sleeping with boys. I know, Whaaaat!?) and he’s all huffy and serious. 251 more words


Ask Dr. TaMara - "Diabetes and Yeast Infections"

Question: Dr. TaMara, I am a diabetic and find that I have been getting more and more yeast infections, mainly after intercourse and Right before my period. 404 more words