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Do You Know the Difference Between UTI and Yeast Infection?

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Urinary tract infections, UTIs, and yeast infections are common women’s health issues. Every woman will experience one or both in a lifetime. 617 more words

Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Yeast Infection

The indication of a vaginal yeast illness is vaginal discharge. It’s typically thick and white, and it may look like curds. Distinctive signs can consolidate vaginal anguish, vaginal rash, and vaginal blasting. 307 more words


9 Symptoms of a Yeast Infection

Yeast infections are not a problem that only affect women or the vagina. The fact is that yeast infections can affect many parts of the body of both men and women of all ages. 863 more words

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Not too long back, I had chronic hives. These have for the most part disappeared after having the Mirena IUD removed. Unfortunately for me, because I had hives while I was on a few different antibiotics, doctors assume that I am allergic. 440 more words


What's That Smell? How To Control Odor Down There

Vaginal odor and discomfort can be embarrassing. For some women, it can be a recurring problem. Normally, estrogen causes an increase in glycogen, which then promotes growth of the healthy bacteria, mainly lactobacilli. 607 more words


What is Candida Albicans?

Candida albicans or C. albicans for short, is a yeast, a member of the fungus family, which can live in our intestinal tract along with other good and bad microbes that together make up our gut microbiome. 956 more words


Coconut Oil is Life

I don’t know what your skin looks like in the winter but I get scaly and dry and itchy. I look like a peach colored lizard. 412 more words