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Putting Garlic in my WHAT?!?

This is a very…interesting subject for me; I hesitate to write about it for a few obvious reasons, but its a tip that I found that… 446 more words

10 Natural Ways To Help Keep Candida Infections At Bay

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Natural Cures For Widespread Yeast Infections

A candidiasis ordinarily goes on inside moist areas within your body. The typical area for a yeast infection in order to create influences vaginal area and the mouth area. 428 more words


Infections: My Lady Parts Saga

Guest Post

I’ve watched the Monistat commercials. Heard the spiel on cotton underwear. Read the warnings about harsh soaps and fragrances. Followed the advice on relieving your bladder after sexy times. 965 more words


There I was, lying face up with my knees to the ceiling. Naked and staring at the lights while getting my vagina swabbed from front to back.

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5 Day Post-Op Surprise!

A yeast infection! Just what I always wanted! No, but for real, I’ve only had 2 before ever in my life and those were both caused from antibiotics. 38 more words

VSG Journey