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Blog 5 (01.04.2019 - Extended 08.04.2019)

The scaffolding is coming off! We are put to the test!

The end is coming!

… Well not really. However, the academic teaching part has ended and Born to Run has (officially) run its course for all the teaching weeks. 1,081 more words

Born To Run

Meet KAWALA... dance pioneers.

There was a noticeable difference to the vibe of the UEA campus to the one I was used to when I arrived. Stretching from, what felt like, one end to the other, a queue for the evening’s entertainment was by far the longest that the venue must have ever seen. 1,574 more words


Vernacular Of The Day 3/28/18: Yeet

The Yeet Dance!

Yeet is a wonderful word. It is used when:

  1. You launch a object at high velocity
  2. You need a fun thing to say…
  3. 102 more words

My life in a story

Hey sorry I didn’t have any ideas to write about….I thought I would write about my life and make it into a story… so this what you get :0 Oh and uhmm my life is boring soo…… yEeT (pretend there is a cowboy emoji) :) 320 more words

[ unmarked ]


lonely, but not alone, surely not the only of its kind. a shallow trench, with dirt piled over and stamped down, a forgotten grave, a fallen soldier, a single casualty of war. 454 more words


A New World in the Same World

Logees took my breath away when I walked inside of it, the whole time I was there I had a grin that I couldn’t shake. The atmosphere, smell, and scenery was an introduction into a world that I forgot about in this cold New England weather. 96 more words