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Quote Of The Day #22

“As thy social anxiety proclaims, YEET!”


Quote Of The Day

A Dream, All A Dream, That Ends In Yeet

‘Yeet’ is a word that is often used among the 8-18 year old demographic, yet nobody really knows what it means. It is commonly used as an exclamation when excited, a verb along the lines of ‘to throw’, or sometimes even to describe a state of mind. 973 more words



In light of the news of Hi-Point Firearm’s new pistol naming scandal, Palmetto State Armory has announced the pre-order of their new ” YEET CANNON” marked AR15 stripped lowers. 115 more words


Week 5 (completed)

Week 5 is over! Almost at the half way mark of the program. This week we learned redux-react. Redux is a state management tool that can be used with React and Angular. 532 more words

Computer Programming

Ground Game LTM

Ground Game was in the LTM line up this week and i thought i could do a review on it.

The rules of the game? Well its really simple, you can only have up to 30 wood and 20 stone and metal, also they lowered the max amount of ammo as well. 243 more words


How Does one Yeet, exactly?

It’s finally summer, a prize every teacher squints at through the long, dark tunnel of the school year. As I spend my final days decluttering the smoldering trash heap that once resembled a classroom, I find it helpful to reflect on the year and give myself a chance to celebrate my accomplishments and identify areas of improvement. 2,316 more words

High School

Slacker Reviews: KUNG FU HUSTLE (2004)

Kung Fu Hustle, is one of those movies that reminds me that you can basically make any type of movie you want, as long as you have these things: 567 more words