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David's Diary - October 12, 1970

Monday, 12 October 1970

This has been a more leisurely and relaxed day. We got out of bed when we felt like it—at least we stayed in bed until Debbie was too loud to be ignored any longer. 940 more words


David's Diary - October 8, 1970

Thursday, 8 October 1970

This turned out to be the morning to make a baby! I.E. yesterday Bonnie’s temperature was down sharply—indicating ovulation—hopefully. So we followed Dr. 994 more words


David's Diary - October 4, 1970

Sunday, 4 October 1970

Up about 8:15. Shaved, dressed—my class arrived about 9:20 on. About that time I got a call from Esther McLaughlin—cancelling play-reading which had been set for tonight here at our house. 958 more words


David's Diary - September 30, 1970

Wednesday, 30 September 1970

Up about 9:00. What a tedious day. I had a slight breakfast, then got back to my reviewing. I am so discouraged and worried about this test—I need months yet to study. 947 more words


David's Diary - September 26, 1970

Saturday, 26 September 1970

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast, then got to work preparing the C.A.M.P. service for tomorrow night. I hadn’t got very much done when Jerry Lewis arrived with his trailer—to cart away the piano—and he really started demolishing it in earnest, what a racket! 962 more words


David's Diary - September 22, 1970

Tuesday, 22 September 1970

Up shortly before 9:00. This was another day devoted largely to reading. The exam is scheduled for Oct. 1—and I need time to review after finishing Eissfeldt. 936 more words


Gladys - September 20, 1970

Letter transcription:

Sept. 20-1970

Dear David,

Since I sent your birthday gift with Bonnie’s, this will just be words. Have been rather busy since coming home, and having Mark’s three here one week kept me occupied that week, haven’t had much time to write but will hope to catch up on things when we come in Oct. 196 more words