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Nalaz you fools: a restaurant review

E and I are cautious of trying new places because we have a toddler and a threenager. They are vivacious, mobile, illogically opinionated and sometimes they go feral. 576 more words

Just a Lot of Cupcakes. Enjoy!

Oh December, the month filled with lots of Christmas parties to go to~ AND the one time of the year where I find myself doing the most baking and dessert-making only to give it away because I don’t really like eating sweets (except candy haha).  513 more words


Let it Snow ♪ Let it Snow ♪... Let Eat Snow?

Hello Hello! A short and sweet post again :)

I first came here to treat my family as it was Squirt’s birthday (it was actually within the first week they were open)! 313 more words


The carnival that ate my money: Kdays

Welcome back to itslilgirlkeem!

Summer in Edmonton is always eventful, because there are festivals back to back! This blog will be about Klondike Days a.k.a. Kdays for short! 600 more words


Snow in Summer

Welcome back to itslilgirlkeem!

It’s currently summer in Edmonton, and there are some days that is +30 and some rainy days that are quite cold…but there is always room for cold desserts in the summer. 214 more words


#yegfood Hansik Korean Cuisine

I never have the opportunity to explore the north side of Edmonton generally because of how far it is from where I live. However on Monday, 148 more words


Nomiya Memories

Today, I didn’t feel like going home for some reason. It was also dinnertime after work so I decided to go find something to eat. Problem is when I don’t specifically crave anything I spend forever wondering what to eat (I even pulled out my list of places to try out but I wasn’t in the mood for it). 337 more words