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Oliver Got Belted!

Today I had the pleasure of accompanying Oliver and Tim to Oliver’s yellow belt test in Taekwondo. Oliver and many others undertook the test in Courtenay. 195 more words

Yellow Belt Here I Come!

When I started karate, I thought I could fly through the belts in no time. When I found out it takes about 6 months to get the next belt (of course depending on what belt it is, how often and how much you practice, and how fast you catch on), it sounded like an eternity. 333 more words


Forward progress

Third stripe has been achieved! He is on the way to orange belt. He is so excited and is already planning his celebration dinner. The test isn’t until December.

Something new for me and maybe for you! 

I have had to be gluten free and this is bringing changes to my diet. Obviously I have to read labels and be much more cautious with my food choices. 461 more words


blue belt

Just a little unique Hipstrrr touch.