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So proud of this girl for earning her yellow belt today.


The Jack Reacher

Like the man who can seemingly solve all problems, Jack Reacher, this workout targets various big muscle groups and gives you an excellent quick workout if you have limited time and space. 52 more words

Strength And Conditioning

The Sarah Connor

Like Terminator’s Sarah Connor, this workout is as tough as they get, especially when performed without any breaks and at relentless pace as if chased by the T800 itself! 105 more words

Strength And Conditioning

The Ben Richards

Not unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in The Running Man, this workout calls for just that: a lot of running!

  • Level: Yellow Belt
  • Focus: Endurance, Strength, Resilience…
  • 29 more words
Strength And Conditioning

Integrity - Tenants of Taekwondo

Not integrity—

that I cannot claim to have.

Perfect condition?

Ethically sound?

The vastness of an empire,

the hull of a ship.

Honest character:

leaves turn in trees and books, 169 more words


Yellow Belt Smiley

‘Belt Signs’ are a staple of roadways here in Pittsburgh. I stumbled across this one yesterday. Someone spray-painted a blue smiley face on it.