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Nov 22, 2017 Uraken Uchi (Back Fist Strike)

I think this video needs to be taken from up high with the Sensei’s back to the camera.  Secondly, this happens fast.  


Nov 22 2017 Tsuru Ashi Dachi (Crane Stance)

For fun and to warm up, I went over to the yellow belt to orange belt lessons and I’m starting to do those.  Heck, it takes a few times-more than a few times watching the videos to get ’em down solid, why not start now, I DO have to warm up.


Trying Something New

Hey! Oh wow a lot has happened…where do I start? Well I QUIT DANCE!! There was just too much drama so I started Taekwon Do. So basically it is Martial Arts but in my opinion it’s better than Kung Fu and Judo. 87 more words


First Grading Under Our Belt!


On June 1st our first grading session took place and for all it was a huge success.

Students, Becky, Dean, Austin and Martin all passed with flying colours. 90 more words

Ju Jitsu

How To Understand The Basics Of Six Sigma

Six-sigma just like many other techniques and disciplines coined by successful companies and emulated by those seeking to improve their own operations, requires a thorough understanding in order to properly evaluate how it can be used in a particular case, and also to identify the elements that are important to have in mind for it work the way it has worked for others. 801 more words