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NYC Cab Drivers Strike a "Sexy" Pose for Charitable Calendar

The 2016 New York City Taxi Drivers Calendar has just been released to introduce us to 12 of the city’s finest yellow cab operators. For each month of the year, we now have a taxi driver who’s ready and willing to show us a completely different side of their personality—all for a great cause. 39 more words


Who ate my hat?

I might not become famous. I think it rather unlikely given my approach to life and my irredeemable tendency to waver over every significant decision. I accept that writing is my gift and though my gift is a modest one, it is nevertheless the gift I am designed to give. 444 more words

There’s a global alliance forming to stop Uber’s world domination

businessinsider.com – Maya Kosoff

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Earlier this week, Didi Kuaidi — Uber’s biggest competitor in China — and Lyft, Uber’s biggest US rival, announced the two companies were teaming up to take on Uber. 84 more words

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Seen in Manhattan, New York.



The Uber Reaction: Regulation Creates Its Own Destruction

thefederalist.com – Robert Tracinski

As a general rule, by the time politicians have discovered a supposed problem created by technology, and by the time they have gotten around to imposing new regulations to put a stop to it, the wave of innovation will have moved on and made it all irrelevant. 107 more words

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The taxi wars: Cabbies fight for business, and some switch to Uber

america.aljazeera.com – america.aljazeera.com

Editor’s note: This is the third story in a four-part series, reported and published with the Houston Chronicle, which examines the impact of Uber, the app-based ride-hailing service, on America’s fourth-largest city. 114 more words

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