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Boston Cream Pie

I remember when I was younger I was not a fan of filled donuts. Jelly, cream, chocolate, whatever the filling, it was not my thing. Fast forward a few years and I can eat them now, but, and I apologize if this sounds a little gross, I squeeze out the excess filling first and then eat the donut. 893 more words


Sea Shell Wedding Cake

 7″ & 12″ yellow cake with raspberry butter cream filling, iced in vanilla butter cream. Shells I made from white chocolate. Brown sugar is used for the sand. 8 more words

Wedding Cake

Gluten-Free Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting

I’ve been getting lucky with great textured gluten-free baked goods lately, and this is another example! The cake feels somehow dense and fluffy at the same time, and the frosting is super light, fluffy, and delicious. 525 more words


Orange cake (quick-fixing a craving!)

You know when you crave for some food and it has to be satisfied right then and there?  Well, it happened to me some time ago.  118 more words


Juice Review: Holy Melon Cakes from Detroit Rock Candy

I have never had major luck when it comes to certain flavors. I can just read a bottle and get the instinctive thought of “Nope, this won’t work for you…put the bottle down now!!” Honeydew melon is one of those flavors. 367 more words

Juice Reviews

Peanut Butter Banana Cupcakes

Wow…it has been a full year since I’ve last blogged. Ha! As I wrote that, I spoke it out loud and it sounded like “It has been a year since my last confession.” I’m not Catholic so I’m not quite sure how that whole thing works but like many of us I am an expert via many hours of TV and movie watching ;) 429 more words