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the one

i’m waiting for the right person
the one who can reach me
the one that protects me
and saves me from the world

i’m waiting for the strongest
the one who battles all my wars
shields me from the pain
and takes the blows i cannot bear

i’m waiting for the one
who fills up my empty soul
whose company never makes me feel lonely
and where true happiness unfolds

i’m waiting for the one
who says all the right words
sings the songs i cannot sing
and covers my body when it rains

i’m waiting for the one
who lets me see inside
shows me my true strength
accepts me for all my wrongs

i’ve been looking for the one
the one who might complete me
but the only one who can do that
is simply, truly me

At the Arising of a Spiritual Family

The causes of death are many,
Those of staying alive are few,
These too can become the causes of death,
Therefore always perform the practices. 1,221 more words