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Good Morning….Insect of DEATH

I would like to press the “restart” button on this day.

I left my candle lit last night, out on my balcony.  I guess this attracts insects of the worse kind when they are rogue and lost and alone in the cold. 472 more words


It Was a Bright Cold Day in October, and the Clocks Were Striking Thirteen

This is what a subway system that works – for the most part – looks like:

So far, I’ve only taken the Green, Orange, and Red lines. 509 more words


The Hornet

​It was a quiet morning around 4:30 a.m.

I had been sick for most the week but had to open up the bakery this particular Saturday. 381 more words

Feeling the Garden Maintenance Buzz Yet?

This post leads you through some of the ways my garden is maintained and why. It is a little philosophy, a bit responsibility and a lot of what I want to experience personally. 851 more words



What would you do if...

A yellow jacket went into your shirt.

Today, that happened to me and I ripped my shirt off, threw it and ran like hell.

What would you do?

Figuring It Out...