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Holistic House Calls Provide Pets with Comfort and Options

The house call started long before I ever met Maggie. (“I” am Doc Truli, ivy-league-trained licensed holistic veterinarian practicing in the United States.)

“I read your website and you just seem like the right vet for me and Maggie,” said Connie on the phone on a rainy Tuesday morning. 906 more words

Pet Stories

Consider Christmas from a Pet's P.O.V.

Your Christmas Decorations Look Like Toys to a Dog, Cat, Ferret or Bird

Your holiday celebrations may involve jingly, jangling, dangly, glittering, branchy, tree-y, crinkly, or even stringy, ribbon-y sorts of decorations.   1,041 more words


Two Dogs Saved by Ethics, not Medicine!

Veterinarians Often See Accusations of Abuse or Human Mental Illness

A few days ago, Doc Truli came across a Phoenix Examiner article about Antifreeze Poisoning in three pet dogs.   1,034 more words

Pet Stories

7-Year Old Shepherd-Yellow Lab Mix Lipoma Surgery

Large, Soft Lump Under the Skin on a Dog’s Right Side

Abigail sat in front of her person, right paw pressing – probably crushing – her mom’s toes as the slightly overweight shepherd-lab mixed breed dog leaned harder on the toes of her mom’s Birkenstocks. 921 more words

Pet Stories

Fat Dachshund

Fat Dachshund Reminds VirtuaVet of  a Purina MisLeada’

The Scoop on Fat Dogs and Purina Dog Food

Picture fit, thin, healthy, happy yellow Labrador Retrievers galloping along a sandy shoreline, their paws splash in the surf , their long red tongues lolling out the side of their mouths.   437 more words


Labrador Puppy Cannot Swim

Labrador Retriever Puppy Falls in Pool, Panics!

Plus, Labrador Swimmer Tail

You would think a Lab puppy would naturally be able to swim.  Like a dolphin.   681 more words


Treat Recipes for Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs

All-Natural Homemade Treats for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

Oatmeal “Cookies”

478 more words