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The "New" Ratatouille

I am so in love with the beautiful flavour of the fresh tomatoes that linger on in the season that I had to make some to enjoy them.  295 more words

Single Servings

DIY Seed Starters-How Great is that?!

I promised you I would show you how to package these, so here they are! I added 5-6 organic yellow pepper seeds to each bag and one recylced seed starter. 67 more words

Glass Noodles with Crispy Pork and Cashews! YUM WOON SEN!


I am obsessed with noodles. Maybe because they come in so many varieties, shapes, textures…. or perhaps they are just so fun to eat. We have such an amazing Asian market that I always find myself picking up about 5 packages at a time (buckwheat soba, rice vermicelli, Chinese egg noodles, bean thread, tapioca, green tea somen, rice stick…) so that we can eaten NOODLES FOR DAYS! 359 more words

A Dish I Like

Our new three favorite recipes!

Here’s to my first recipe and food post! Usually on Friday’s, we keep it simple… a frozen pizza, happy hour…. something that will take no time after the work week. 897 more words


Delicious South African Lamb Burger

So the Rugby World Cup is looming and we South Africans are all about supporting our “BOKS”. Our company decided to kick off an industry competition called “Build a Bok Burger”. 312 more words

Lamb Recipes

Chilled Hot Pepper Soup

On very hot summer days I find it impossible to cook a meal. The only kitchen device I use is my electric blender: smoothies, crushed ice coffee, crushed ice cocktails and sometimes crushed ice soups. 113 more words


Chicken and almond rissoles with yellow pepper sauce

Mrs M and I both like our food wet, which is why this dish has a sauce alongside what should be a dry rissole. What can I say? 785 more words