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China Takes Important Step Towards Protecting Remaining Intertidal Mudflats

This is big news.  The Chinese government has just taken an important step to protect some of the key remaining intertidal mudflats along the Yellow Sea and Bohai Bay.   844 more words

Experience World Class Yellow Sea Migration And Support The Local Conservation Effort

Are you free in mid-April, want to experience the world-class migration along the Yellow Sea coast AND support the local conservation effort?  If so, keep reading… 618 more words

China's Liaoning Carrier Group Conducts Military Tests in Yellow Sea

​China’s first aircraft carrier group conducted a series of military tests in the Yellow Sea December 24, ahead of scheduled testing farther away later, its military reported. 281 more words


Command Fiction: Cold Patrols


This Command Fiction vignette is based on my scenario Yellow Sea Patrol. The scenario itself is one I’ve found largely unsatisfying due its luck based component. 157 more words


The Yellow Sea: The Highest Conservation Priority In East Asia

In the fun company of Paul Holt and Marie Louise, I have just made my 15th visit to Nanpu, a small town situated on the coast of the Bohai Bay in Hebei Province, China.   1,529 more words

China says It Is Asking Chinese Fishermen To Start To Obey Laws -- After South Korea's military began to repel or arrest Chinese boats illegally fishing

By Kim Deok-hyun

BEIJING, June 15 (Yonhap) — China said Wednesday that its fishermen have been educated on international fishing agreements as South Korea’s military seized two Chinese boats illegally fishing in neutral waters between the two Koreas. 811 more words