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Ant-Man: Impressions

And with the coming and going of Age of Ultron, a new saga of the Marvel movies begins, with a new roster of heroes waiting to be introduced. 839 more words


Addressing Marvel’s “Villain Problem”

Three years ago, I remember walking out of the first Avengers movie with a big smile on my face. Seeing all my favorite heroes together on the big screen in a good movie was cool enough, but what added to that excitement was how entertaining and interesting Loki was as a villain. 739 more words


Covering Comics #1 - Avengers Vol. 1 #54-60, King-Size Special #2

I’ve often said that I miss the comics covers of old. Those covers were designed, unlike many of the ones being produced today which are merely mini-posters spotlighting the titular character without giving any indication of the story contained inside, to draw readers in and make them anxious about actually reading the stories contained therein. 863 more words


Yes, I saw Ant-Man

I saw the newest Marvel movie, Ant-Man, opening weekend on Sunday the 19th. Going into the movie, I didn’t have high hopes for a superhero who shrinks and talks to ants. 719 more words


'Ant-Man’ Review


Note: The following review is SPOILER FREE!

It’s almost impossible to discuss Ant-Man without mentioning the creative troubles that have plagued it since its beginnings as one of Marvel’s Phase One movies. 549 more words



The 411th Film I have seen in theaters…

Be..more than a man. Be…Ant-Man! 435 more words


Ant Man (2015) - Review

It’s about time. It’s about time I done a movie review. It’s in the description. “He specialises in watching films” is what it says. It’s almost been a week since we started this and I haven’t wrote Jack about movies. 575 more words