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Yellowjacket at Work

While I usually photograph honey bees, I occasionally come across a yellowjacket which resembles a bee but is considered a wasp. Took this shot last month at Green Earth’s Chautauqua Bottoms in Carbondale, Illinois.


Keep Outdoor Pests Away

When people think about ways to use essential oils, they generally come up with bodily applications and diffusion within their space. These methods can help a person to feel better and avoid germs. 245 more words


the two a.m. denial


It’s me.


It’s two in the morning here. I thought I would sit on the balcony so you could hear the rain. But it didn’t really seem like a great idea, what with me wanting to jump off and all. 539 more words


Top 10 Comic Team-Ups Not Yet in the MCU

Today we’re going to explore characters that are already in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but in iconic team-up scenarios that have yet to happen.

10. All-Winners Squad… 1,037 more words