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{AD} Ant-Man, Marvel's Newest Movie Superhero! Yellowjacket Pop! Vinyl.

Ant-Man Yellowjacket Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head Figure:
Here comes Darren Cross, otherwise known as Yellowjacket, as a Pop! Vinyl Figure. This Yellowjacket Pop! Vinyl Figure features the stylized look of actor Corey Stoll as seen in the Ant-Man movie. 12 more words


Ret-Con: The "Skrull Imposters" (SECRET INVASION)

EDIT (2015-06-28): This was originally a much larger post, posted 2010-04-26, and among my first attempts at a “Ret-Con Trait”. Snag: the characters concerned already had Traits, and what I was trying to do was more of a “Ret-Con Tweak” … 244 more words


This New International Trailer For 'Ant-Man' Spoils A Lot Of Story In Just Two Minutes

It looks like the first official press screenings for Marvel’s Ant-Man have ended and reactions to the movie are now surfacing on the web. The film won’t officially hit theaters for another few weeks, so why not take a gander at this new Japanese trailer? 94 more words


Marvel Madness in Pop!, Pocket Pop! & Wacky Wobblers

HYDRA beware! Agent Carter is enlisting in Pop!

Throughout the Agent Carter series, and her cameos throughout Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, it becomes clear that Agent Carter is incredibly tenacious! 88 more words


Newest Ant-Man Teaser released

Hey guys. It seems we got a big thing to look forward to, come this July 17th. Oh yeah, Ant-Man is here folks. And even though I was a bit skeptical about this movie, and the cast (Paul Rudd as a Superhero? 75 more words


The five reasons you should have faith in the Ant-Man film

July 17th isn’t too far away now. This is the date that Marvel will be releasing its 12th entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With many characters such as Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Captain America already popular and much loved in the public eye, Marvel took a great gamble by introducing Guardians of the Galaxy. 781 more words