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24 Hours in Yellowstone - Part 1 of 2


“You should probably go through the States if you want to drive to Toronto”.

This was the advice I got from . . . lots of people when telling them of my trip from Vancouver. 1,099 more words


Osprey Falls

Osprey Falls is a hidden gem located on the northern side of Yellowstone National Park. It isn’t as well-known or easily accessed as some of the more popular geological attractions within the park. 195 more words

National Park


Not to blaspheme, but one of the most wondrous thing(s) I witnessed during my visit to Yellowstone National Park was not Old Faithful.  Don’t get me wrong – it, as well as other geysers that are in the various basins of Yellowstone are marvelous, setting a tone in the park that is quite primordial, with their steam rising and blanketing the area in foggy mist – and they will get a well deserved post later on.. 935 more words

Q & A with The Poor Little Rich Girl

I think that my blogging hiatus is finally up.  Over the next few weeks {ok, probably months} you’ll notice the site going through a makeover. 99 more words


Most Popular US National Park - Surprised?

I know you can google it but why don’t you guess?  Of the 59 US National Parks, which one is the most popular based on number of annual visitors… 872 more words

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Summer's end

I think this is my favorite moon phase:  past last quarter, earthshine illuminating the new moon cradled in the old moon’s arms.  Before dawn I can bundle up and push out the door to see the stars of Taurus, Orion, Gemini, and now Leo rising, while the cat, whom wiser, more careful owners wouldn’t dream of letting loose in Yellowstone, joins me excitedly, muttering goblin-like joyful meows. 116 more words