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NPS Employee Brought A Sick Bison Home Two Years Before Yellowstone Tourists

It’s been almost two months since a pair of Yellowstone National Park tourists put a bison calf in the back of their SUV and apparently it wasn’t the first time. 226 more words



Rawr! This week in Yellowstone was all about Dinosaurs! Our new friends are catching on to our workboard routine very quickly!

We used dinosaur figurines in place of paintbrushes to STOMP all over our canvas! 83 more words


#FridayPhoto: Moose Falls

No moose at these falls, at least not when I have been there. Too steep, too close to a highway buzzing with autos and motorhomes, even a motorcycle or two, or a whole gang now and then. 36 more words


Ashfall Trilogy by Mike Mullin

What would you do if the world blew up while you were home alone?  Meet Alex, an almost 16 year old guy who plays video games, practices martial arts, and who can’t stand the thought of spending the weekend with his parents and bratty little sister at his uncle’s house a two hour drive away.   230 more words


10 Coolest World Heritage Sites

These spots are so spectacular, intrepid travelers will want to see them all.

10 Coolest World Heritage Sites


July Moon

That moment when you’re shooting the full moon, eating a sandwich, and a piece of bacon falls out and you remember there’s a grizzly bear on the other side of the road. 126 more words


Yellowstone National Park June 2016

Hey, everyone!

As many of you know, Color Me Aesthetic went down for a lengthy amount of time back in June. Well, during that period of time, my parents and I went on a bus tour to Yellowstone National Park :) Starting from our hometown San Francisco, we hit a bunch of stops along the way from Mount Rushmore, Little Bighorn, Independence Rock, Crazy Horse Monument, and – 587 more words

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