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Outfit of the Day

It’s the generation of selfies. Tweeting about your feelings. Wearing specific clothes to take selfies!!

Selfie defined is ‘A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to social media websites.’ When the Oscars 2014 were held at Hollywood, the world famous host, Ellen DeGeneres made selfies even more famous. 260 more words

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Street Style Diaries

Paint the town red this season (pun intended). Yes, we mean have fun shopping and at the same time don red in your attire to add a splash of colour in your ensemble. 355 more words

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Pleasure of Life

Simple pleasures of life :

Life has many things to offer, but the most happiness is when you enjoy the simple pleasures of life!! Sleeping in on a rainy day. 372 more words

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Elements of Style - Men

Custom suits and ties look great, but they are not much of a use to men in their 20′s. A good suit is useful to own but not much of a use if you have to go hang out with your friends. 302 more words

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The Hot Geek

Library, Class, Lectures, Board Rooms, Conferences or Seminars-you name it and the nerds have aced these room with expertise. But a whimsical twist is brought to justice when the geek/nerd look dominates the fashion/trend industry. 279 more words

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Monday Blues

Beat the Monday blues by sporting the very hue and go to work in style. Blue is a negative feeling too but being cool is blue too.  285 more words

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Print's Charming

Hey all :

A word of caution as you proceed further. The following content has graphic content that is suitable only for the fashionistas!!

Having said that, please proceed further : 264 more words

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